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Guide - Dealing with Usage, Budget and Festive Season Discounts!

Guide - Dealing with Usage, Budget and Festive Season Discounts!

Snapshot: With a complete hell of deals, offers, and festive season discounts, you are put into a puzzle around which car proves the most pocket-friendly and fits your needs the best? Here is the car buying guide for you.

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The festive season is here and a large number of people await this time to drive a new car into their garage. People consider this time to be auspicious for buying the important things and that is why the car sales go up in this season. Even the manufacturers and dealers offer attractive discounts to make sure they don’t lag behind in this festive season. In case you are planning to bring home a car anytime soon, read on to know how you can choose the best car for yourself and your family.

Determining the usage
Why do you need the car? Is it just to complement that sedan or SUV? Or is it going to be your daughter’s first car? Or are you going to use that car to take your family out on weekends? This is the very first step and would help you determine the kind of cars you should be looking for. If you have a large family and this car would haul them around, look for MPVs or two wheel drive SUVs. If you need a car for your daily office commute, drivability should be on the top of your list. These factors would help you determine the kind of usage.

Zeroying down on your Budget
No matter what car you love or hate, it would all come down to your budget. Decide how much you are willing to spend on your car so that you can narrow down cars from that segment only. Keep in mind that things like registration, insurance, road tax and accessories would also demand a lot of money so you should add an approximate amount to the cost as well. If you are planning to get the car financed, you also need to find the right bank for the loan. Some banks might offer you better interest rates as compared to others. Get an idea of the EMI and down payment and make sure it won’t be a trouble handling it with your monthly expenses.

Concluding on the distance travelled
A lot of people don’t take this factor into consideration properly and end up getting the wrong car. Diesel cars have received a lot of love for the past couple of years for obvious reasons. Now however things have started to change again. Diesel prices are going up and the difference between petrol and diesel prices isn’t huge anymore. This has made many people question their choice of fuel for their car. Petrol cars are lighter, quieter and more fun to drive as compared to diesels in most cases. Diesel cars are costlier but offer excellent fuel efficiency. A lot of people have bought diesel cars just for this reason without taking into account the total cost of ownership. Click the image below to read how to choose between petrol and diesel? 

You can easily calculate the distance you travel in a year. Calculate the fuel costs for a diesel vehicle using approximate mileage of diesel car and do the same for petrol car using approximate mileage for petrol car. Determine the difference in running costs for a year. Most people keep a car for three or four years so multiply the difference with that many years. If the resulting amount is significantly more than the difference in cost of petrol and diesel cars then you should get the diesel, otherwise get the petrol. Also you can ignore factors like fuel efficiency if you don’t use your car much. In that case you should prioritise other factors above fuel efficiency while selecting the car. 

Testing the vehicle
Once you have narrowed down the decision to a couple of cars, it is time to try them out and find you favourite. For the test drive, try to get the model you are planning to buy or at least the one closest to it. There is no point driving the model with height adjustable seat and tilt steering if you are going to buy the lowest model without any of these. There have been times when the dealers have tried to offer the diesel variant for test drive when the buyer is looking to buy a petrol car. Don’t just drive it on an empty stretch of road. Also try driving the car on bad roads and in stop go traffic. You don’t want to be disappointed after you take delivery of your new car. Dealership and service center location should also be a factor. You can drive down your car from another town initially but it would be a pain to take it back every time it needs a service or repair.

Negotiating on prices - Dealing with festive season discounts!
There is no harm in trying to bring down the costs. Manufacturers offer festive season discounts, and at times, you find it confusing! Before you go out to buy the car, check the onroad prices and discounts / deals offered online. Also determine the amount that you would have to spend on insurance, registration and road tax. You can ask to go for a different insurance company if that works for you. Most often, automakers and even dealers offer free insurance deals. Do check that as well. Ask the dealer for discounts or freebies on the car for sure. There are times when they offer different deals to move cars off shelf quickly and you might get one such deal. Happy car buying!!

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