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Harley-Davidson Street Rod 750: All you need to know

Harley-Davidson Street Rod 750: All you need to know

Snapshot: The new Street Rod makes so much sense that suddenly find Harley-Davidson closing in towards being an everyday motorcycle. It makes more power and torque from the Revolution X V-Twin engine and comes with sharper steering geometry for handling.

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For those sceptics who thought the Street 750 falls short in being an original Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which it does not, the company has released the Street Rod to set your imagination on fire. It is based on the Street 750 platform but enhances almost each and every aspect on it to make it a more satisfying motorcycle to own. Yes is has a High Output Revolution X V-Twin engine that has been tuned to rev higher than its younger brother to put out more power and torque. And that’s not it, Harley-Davidson wants to go all out on this very successful platform to provide the most unadulterated motorcycling experience from one of the world’s most popular brand.

Those looks

The centre attraction of every Harley is its distinctive custom styling, and the Street Rod bathes in an extensive dose of Dark Custom styling. Right from its big blacked-out front forks, an athletic personality and that gorgeous scoop-style air filter adds charisma to the motorcycle. The tail section is slightly raised with a perforated mudguard pointing to its dynamic purpose, for the street and a bit more than that. The colour option list is limited to just three, vivid black, charcoal denim and olive gold, but all of these are difficult to choose from. Our favourite being the charcoal denim, just looks plain mean. And those black 7-split alloys are probably one of the best looking wheels you will ever see on a motorcycle.

A powerful heart

Yes, you are right; it is the Street 750 V-Twin engine. But Harley had to work some magic to pit it against a stronger competition. Street Rod gets a high output Revolution X V-Twin which makes 20% more power, thanks to its ability to spin a 1,000rpm faster than the Street. It also makes 10% more torque which adds to its ease of use without shifting many gears and perform better between 4,000 and 5,000rpm, the most used in the real world. The air box now eats in more air than earlier and throttle bodies have been brought to dual 42mm along with high lift cams. Simply put, more power and more revs, everybody happy.

Enhanced agility

What good is power if the chassis cannot use it! Engineers have tuned Street Rod’s chassis for sharper response to rider inputs. Front 43mm upside-down forks are held together by aluminium yokes which is lighter and the rake has changed from 32 to 27 degrees for quicker steering. Rear shocks are new on the Street Rod which have external reservoir holding more fluid for better damping. The travel has been increased to 117mm and so has the swing arm. Seat height has come up to 757mm and the cushion has been sculpted for more comfort for your bum, good thinking.  

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