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Hot summer day at BIC and even hotter Audi Sports Car Experience

Hot summer day at BIC and even hotter Audi Sports Car Experience

Snapshot: Who doesn’t have a bucket list that doesn’t include driving an Audi R8 on a race track, and thanks to Audi India I got a chance to drive Iron Man’s personal sports car and much more, that too on a race track.

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Audi India has been successfully organizing the sports car experience from quite some time now, and for this year the things got even more exciting with the cars such as RS5, RS6 Avant, RS7 Performance, and the mighty R8 Plus. For those unaware of what this event is all about, it is Audi’s way of making their existing and potential customers experience the thrill of driving Audi sports cars in a controlled environment where they can push these cars as much as they want. It is not just an event that lets you drive some of the finest cars made by Audi, but at the same time, you get to learn a ton of information about racing from some of the experts of the industry. It was surely one fine day when I got a chance to experience the same, and clear one thing off my bucket list that says “Drive an Audi R8 on a race track”.

The Acceleration, Braking, and Drift Experience 

The event was basically divided into two different experience zones, and firstly I got a chance to try out the one off the race track in cars such as RS7 and RS6. This zone had all the basic elements to test the mettle of both the car as well as the one sitting behind the wheel. Starting from acceleration zone, the name says it all, I pushed the cars as hard as I could before chickening out on the first left turner, giving me an idea how potent these machines are when it comes to aggressive acceleration. I got a chance to drive the RS7 first which got me to jump out of my seat with its hyper-aggressive exhaust note that sounded like an AK47 back-firing at wish. Also, the car set standards when it comes to following steering inputs so precisely that for once I couldn’t believe I am such a good driver to calculatedly slide a car of this size, but then again it was just the car that was doing its own thing and I was merely sitting behind the wheel with a scared grin and a heart beating out of my chest. I was made to drive with the TCS off to have some fun, and honestly speaking I’ll do it a hundred times more if given a chance.

The track experience - driving the Iron Man’s Audi

The second zone comprised of raw 610PS pumped out of the V10 engine that roars like a jet plane and backfires loud enough to wet your pants, and imagine all that glory and no speed limit. The Audi R8 V10 Plus is pure ballistic, literally takes off like a missile, and at the same moment you are holding on to the steering and hoping not it doesn’t come off cause you are holding it too tight, trying not to slam your head at the back. And all it takes is a few seconds more when the first right-hander arrives, and you notice you are going way above the desired speed, and then again R8’s super impressive braking comes to the rescue to save your puppy face, making you look a professional race car driver and when you knew you were just inches away from getting washed away at the corner. And it literally is a type of car that has your back even if you are an immature, over-excited driver like me that knows nothing but slamming the accelerator pedal and braking too damn late.  

All that rush and G-forces from high-speed switchbacks felt like they stayed with me even after my time in the R8 ended, and I was literally not ready to give away the driver seat to somebody else. But then again all that desperation turned into excitement when I got into the RS5 Coupe, which was quite a lot softer and plusher compared to my earlier ride. It felt like a sports car for the ones that need all the luxury too. In both the sessions we were accompanied by the race car experts in the lead car judging our lines, and correcting us when needed. And what’s better way to hone your track skills other than driving cars such as these which are so at home on these tracks under the supervisions of experts that are judging your each and every move. It was surely an experience I'll brag about for a long time to come!  

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