How not to get cheated by your motorcycle service centre

How not to get cheated by your motorcycle service centre

Snapshot: We are going to highlight some basic things you need to follow in order to save yourself from service station frauds

Knowing the basics of motorcycle servicing or having basic mechanical information about your motorcycle parts can save you from many unexpected bluff and cheats done by your motorcycle servicing company. And here in this article we are going to highlight some basic things you need to follow in order to save yourself from service station frauds.

1. Don’t leave your bike at the service station-

There are some times when we are in a hurry or we have another business to deal with and hence not leaving your bike at the stations becomes inevitable but when possible try not to leave your vehicle at the service station as it involves many risks. Try your best to stay with your motorcycle when it’s up for service and especially when the mechanic starts working on your bike.

Leaving your bike at the station include many risks and one of the common being petrol theft. Also mechanics do not pay special attention to a vehicle if its owner is not present at the time of servicing.

2. Beware of old parts exchange-

The most common way in which you may get cheated by the service company is by charging you for new spare parts which you may never get. This is the most usual way people working at the service stations cut your pockets. They may use old parts taken from other motorcycles and fit it in to yours and charge for it and you cannot notice it until you look into things closely. For example, motorcycles coming at the centres for their first service have many parts that should be replaced as per recommendations.

The engine oil taken from them might be filled into yours and you cannot notice it as visually it looks clear like fresh engine oil. As the first service is done in about 500 to 1000 kilometres and till that time the engine oil stays fresh. Its spark plug and air filter, looks like brand new, how can you differentiate it from the old? Only by being present at the time of servicing and looking at the respective part very closely.

3. Know about spare parts and their lifetime-

Your service kit will always include all the parts that needs a replacement at the regular service interval and that indeed is important to keep the bike in its finest state. But if you are servicing you motorcycle before the regular service interval or even before the motorcycle hits the due service kilometres, then we recommend you can go for an oil and oil filter change but parts like spark plugs and air filters needs no replacement until it’s has been more than 6000-9000 kilometres.

An air filter can be used time and again after it has been clean completely. And a spark plug can last more than 6000-8000 kilometres with ease. So it’s not necessary to replace all parts at the time of service, only the urgent ones.

4. Unnecessary add-ons-

To give you the clearest idea, unnecessary additions are things your two-wheeler doesn’t need but still service centres adds them up just because they are making profits out of it.

I used to own a Bajaj Kristal back in year 2008 and the average it costed for every service was Rs. 500-600, when I shifted to Gurgaon and got the scooter serviced here, the service centre slammed a bill of Rs. 1200 on my face. What was that? How come this much difference? When I went through the bill carefully it had two extra things. They poured some engine oil additive and second another additive that I don’t remember. Why was it necessary when my scooter was doing just fine and never troubled or left me in middle of nowhere? It simple, they are making money by burning holes in our pocksets.

So what can be done?

Like mentioned before, you have to stay alert when getting your bike serviced. Until it’s inevitable, don’t leave your bike at the station. Stick to a single mechanic and derive as much information you can about the bike and spares. You can survey which service station offers the best services in your area and then get the bike service only at that station. Share your experience with the people you meet at the centre and even start a group and invite more people to do the same.

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