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How To be a better car driver - Top Hacks Part-2

How To be a better car driver - Top Hacks Part-2

Snapshot: We continue our previous article on how minute details like the ones we have listed in our Top Driving Hacks article can make you a better car driver.

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In our previous article of the same nature, we mentioned how driving can be made a lot more fun keeping few tips and tricks in mind. In continuation to the same article, we bring you Top Hacks of being a better car driver, Part 2. The article is aimed at helping you out with a few tips and tricks that will reduce the hassles of being a car owner and make you a better car driver.

How to be a better driver - Part 1

One can face the inconveniences caused during going to office or during a cross-country road-trip. But this shouldn't deter your plans and hence, learning how to tackle minor inconveniences will help you in a major way. Here's a few additional tips in continuation with the previous list we posted a week ago.

Use toothpaste to keep your Headlights clean

As much as it may sound weird, but the toothpaste you use to clean your teeth is an excellent cleaner of your car's headlights. A car's headlight gets scuffed up and clouded after repeated on-road driving over the years, and washing them alone won't clean them enough. While a full replacement will cost you a lot, a rather cheap and simple way to clean them is using your dental toothpaste. Reason being, the chemical combination and the gentle abrasives in the toothpaste will clear-off the conjugated layer of the headlight glass, restoring them to a pearly bright condition.

Wrap stockings around your Windshield Wipers

A day will come when your windscreen wipers will wear out, or eventually fall off. And what if you are travelling and can't replace them? Or you don't have money to replace them. Pain not, we have a solution for you. As cheesy as it may sound, you can replace the worn-out wipers with stockings. Yes, a proper fit stockings will move with the wiper motion perfectly and clean your glass in case it's raining. Eventually, you have to replace them with a genuine wiper blade though.

Extend your Key's range using your head

When in a parking lot with hundreds of cars parked, chances are you will get confused where your car is parked. Even after using your car key for a couple of times, you might not find your car due to limited range of your's car key. There's a way to extend your key's range and it has been proved scientifically. Put your key fob underneath your chin and the fluid in your head will conduct the signal, extending its range. This way, if the car is parked a few rows away from your range, it will be easier to find.

Polish your Dash with Olive Oil to bring shine back

Over the years, dust and grime can build up on your dashboard, even after repeated cleaning, leading to a not-so-nice appearance. There's a simple remedy to get it sorted - sprinkle a little olive oil on it and rub is with a coffee filter to restore the dashboard's shine.

Protect your doors with Foam

When you build a garage, you build i according to your current car's dimension, or even a few inches wider. But what if you get yourself a car whose doors touches the side wall when you open it too wide? A probable and rather easy solution is to stick foam lining in a horizontal arrangement at a place where the door touches the wall. The soft foam will not let the door sides to touch the garage walls. Problem solved!

Melt-off Sticker residue with newspaper

More than anything, the most irritating thing you encounter with your car is removing the stickers completely. Be it your PUC sticker, Society Sticker or a sticker of your favorite band, when it comes to removing them, they will always leave a residue behind, the white sticky substance that's hard to remove. Instead of scratching it, get a piece of newspaper and get it damp with water. Put it over the residue and let it sit for about 15 minutes. This trick will soften the leftover part, making it much easier to peel off.

Use socks to fix snapped Drive Belt

One of the common breakdown that occurs in a car is a broken drive belt. If you have an old vehicle with much running on the clock, the chances of snapping of drive belt increased tremendously, thanks to worn out drive belts. Drive belt breaks while driving and so the chances of stranding in a place with no mechanic around is highly probable. In such a situation, use your socks/stockings to wrap them around the engine's pulleys and then tie the ends in a knot. This will actually take you home so that you can get a new drive belt installed.

Keep food warm using car seat

How many times have you faced this situation wherein you are being asked to bring food from outside and it gets cold till you reach your place? Quite often, we reckon! Well, if your car has heated seat function, you can just switch-on the heater and keep the food on the seats to deliver it smoking hot. 

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