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How to Choose the Right Tyre for Your Car?

How to Choose the Right Tyre for Your Car?

Snapshot: There are a lot of options for you to choose from and there is no tyre out there that would suit everyone. Different kind of tyres suit different vehicles, driving styles and conditions.

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Choosing the right tyre for your vehicle isn’t as easy as it seems to be. There are a lot of options for you to choose from and there is no tyre out there that would suit everyone. Different kind of tyres suit different vehicles, driving styles and conditions.


Summer Tyres

Now if we talk about different type of tyres, they are made to suit different conditions. Summer tyres have a simple block shaped tread pattern. You get decent levels of grip and they don’t wear unusually even in high temperatures. Do note that these tyres would serve well in summer but might not perform very well during rains. If you live in a region where you have to deal with a lot of rains for a large part of year, you should consider wet weather tyres as well.

Wet Weather Tyres

There are many parts in our country that experience quite long rainy seasons. People living in these areas can’t really evade driving in rains. The wet weather tyres are specially designed to provide you with decent levels of grip even in wet. To do so, they are specially designed to expel the water from its way to prevent aquaplaning. The threads are directed outwards so the water that comes under the tyre is expelled outwards providing it better grip even in wet.

Winter Tyres

While we don’t have snowfall in many areas in our country, there are some areas in north where we get a lot of snowfall. For cars in these regions, winter tyres are recommended. They are specially designed to boost grip on surfaces covered with ice and snow. The rubber used to make these tyres also contains silica which prevents the temperature of tyre from dropping much thereby aiding the grip. The thread pattern has also got wide grooves providing better grip on fine snow.

Performance Tyres

Enough for the everyday drivers, the enthusiasts need something to put on their cars as well. These tyres are made out of softer compound as compared to standard tyres for better grip. Being soft, they cope up with temperatures well but tend to wear out quickly and thus have a shorter life span. The tread pattern isn’t very prominent so they aren’t very good for wet weather. Neither do they cope up well with bad road surfaces.

Run Flat Tyres

These tyres have been seen on many cars for the past couple of years. These tyres feature revolutionary technology that allows the car to be driven long distances. This way you don’t have to compromise by changing to a space saver tyre or let a semi-skilled repair guy deal with your costly tyre. You can keep driving on the punctured tyre and drive easily to the garage. You also end up saving space inside the boot which would otherwise be used up by the wheel. While it is all good with these run flat tyres, the ride quality isn’t as good as standard tyres. This is because to run at low pressures, the construction of these tyres is harder.

Eco Tyres

Efficiency is also a high priority and these tyres take care of that. They are designed in a way to reduce rolling resistance without compromising on grip. This way you get better fuel efficiency at the same performance level. To make these tyres, silica is added in the tyre compound which reduced the energy the tyre can absorb while running. This way less energy is lost as heat and thus less energy is wasted.

4x4 tyres

These tyres are specially designed for use on large four wheel drive vehicles. These tyres are to four wheel drive SUVs what the performance tyres are for street cars. These vehicles are supposed to handle rough terrains as well so the tyres should be able to cope up as well. That is why they are hard and still give decent level of grip due to the tread pattern. The hard compound reduces the wear on these tyres and thus they last longer than usual road tyres.

All Terrain Tyres

As the name suggests, these tyres are meant to tackle a wide range of surfaces. People put these tyres mostly on SUVs as they provide excellent traction off road while providing decent ride quality on the road. They are usually made of hard compound to make sure they don’t get punctured very often when off-roading. This also increases their life as they wear slowly. The tread pattern on these tyres is bold to reduce clogging and keep them clean.?

All Season Tyres

The name itself makes their purpose very clear. These tyres are meant to suit different weather conditions and are suited for regions like ours. This is because we see different seasons in large part of our country but they don’t go very extreme. So these tyres do a good job in conditions like these. They won’t perform very well in extreme dry, extremely wet or icy conditions. The tread pattern is complex as compared to summer tyres and the grip is very impressive. The complex pattern makes them grip well around corners and give stable ride at high speeds. Choose wisely!!

Before zeroing down a tyre, do know what do the numbers on a tyre sidewall mean?

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