How to Compare and Buy a Motorcycle

How to Compare and Buy a Motorcycle

Snapshot: Buying a bike should not be an impulsive decision but a thoroughly planned one. Here are 5 simple steps that ease down decision making.

No matter whether you are upgrading to a bigger or the latest motorcycle model or are fed up of your second hand one and going to buy a brand new one, it is essential to compare various different models and then zero in on the one that is best suited to your personality. Buying a bike should not be an impulsive decision but a thoroughly planned one. Knowing how to compare and buy a motorcycle will help you in making the best decision and putting your hard earned money on the right bike. Here are some points to be followed when you are about to buy a motorcycle:


Step 1. Think about what you want to do with your motorcycle 
The first step is reflecting upon the purpose of buying the bike. If you interested in going on long drives often then you should consider buying a touring or cruiser bike that has a bigger engine since you will need greater power for highway driving. If thrill is what you are looking for, then sports bike will be best suited to you. Sports bikes are sleeker, light and hence easier to handle. You should consider buying dirt-bikes if off-road racing and hill jumping is your cup of tea.

Step 2. Deciding between a new bike or a used one 
The type of motorbike that you like also affects the decision to buy a used or a brand new bike. You can buy dirt bike at a cheap rate. But if an old cruiser is what you desire, be prepared to shell out more money. A new cruiser will demand a significant amount of cash. So chalk out your budget and choose accordingly.

Step 3. Choosing the style and size of engine 
The handling and the speed of any bike depends on the engine used in it. Whether you want to go for a Straight line engine or a V-Twin one will determine the brand that you can buy.

Step 4. Research deeply 
You should narrow down your choice to three-four specific models that you like and that which falls within your budget and suit your requirements. Now compare the various factors like the difference in price, the mileage offered, the looks and the engine etc. Only after considering all the important factors should you arrive on the final decision.

Step 5. Take the final decision on new or used one only when it suits your budget
In case you make a decision to buy a brand new bike, then you will have to approach a dealer. If on the other hand, you decide to buy a used bike, then you have various options. A private dealer can land you a good deal in case of used bikes but a dealer will guarantee peace of mind. A dealer will offer you warranty that will help you out in case of any mechanical issues. Purchasing from a private individual will save you money but you will have to pay for repairs.

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