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How to get along with Odd-Even rule

How to get along with Odd-Even rule

Snapshot: We bring you a couple of pointers how you can support Odd-Even rule in Delhi and not run away from it.

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Probably the biggest initiative to curb pollution and traffic in India by any political party since the independence, the Odd-Even rule brought Delhi much hype not only among the domestic media but also from agencies from world over. While many ridiculed the road-rationing rule to tackle the growing pollution, other applauded the effort and followed it whole heartedly.

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Our previous article was aimed to give out a thorough analysis of what Delhi's pollution is like, what is Odd-Even all about and how we as a citizen can contribute to purify our breathing air. Since the second phase of odd-even is active now, we decided to bring you another feature, the one that aims to give out detail on how to tackle and play along with this ruling.

Many skeptics and naysayers are coming out with logic and explanation on how odd-even will prove to be a mess instead of a success. A couple of them say -

1. People will buy another used/new car and it will increase car density

2. People will keep 2 number plates

3. People will buy fake CNG stickers

We say, you don't need to do any of these to bypass Odd-Even. Instead, these few ideas will change the way you will look at the Odd-Even and will help you save money as well as save the environment. Here's what we have to say -

For Existing Car Owners

You have to accept the fact that Odd-Even is here and it's here to stay! Finding wrong methods to avoid it won't solve the long-term goal and neither getting a new car will solve anything. Instead, one should look at the positive side of this ruling and try to get the maximum out of it. Following points can ease your discomfort and will help you play along-

Get a CNG kit fitted in your car

It's the most cost effective as well as the greenest mode of transport available today. A typical after-market certified CNG kit will cost around Rs 35000-50000. At a running cost as low as Rs 2/Km and current cost of Rs 40/kg, CNG turns out to be a viable alternative. What's more, you can even run a CNG car on petrol if you are not in the mood to wait in the long refueling queues.

Start Car-Pooling

Many existing cab companies have started the cab-pooling service in Delhi. More so, at least 10 apps are available to book a carpool service. You can also take your relatives, neighbors, colleagues and friends along to save fuel cost and can still follow the odd-even. Taxi aggregator Uber even pay you if you use your personal vehicle as pooling car. How cool is that!

Use Public Transport

With a world-class Metro service, who needs a car anyway? Most of the Delhi-NCR is well connected by Metro and the only concern is last mile connectivity, which actually can't be solved, as Metro can't reach everywhere. Yet, it's the best way to transport. Buses are improving and we have AC buses as well. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has promised to rope-in more luxury buses for the elite class who can afford such services.

Buy a new Hybrid/Electric car

If in any case, you are planning to buy another car for the family, get a hybrid or CNG one. Not only it is cost-effective, it will also help in reducing pollution be it odd-even or not.

For New Car Owners

If you don't own any car and were planning to buy a new car, here's your chance to tackle the odd-even without breaking any rule. While people who don't own a car were already using car-pooling and public transport to commute, you can help yourself by following ways-

Buy a new CNG car

If you are buying a budget car, you have a variety of options to get a dual-fuel company fitted CNG-petrol car and nothing can beat this combination. However, expensive cars don't come with CNG fitment and you can't buy them. Also, the choice becomes limited in budget cars too.

Buy a hybrid/electric car

A hybrid car is one which runs on electric as well as petrol, whereas a pure electric car uses only electric energy. Mahindra e2O is a good option is your budget is low, whereas Toyota Prius and Camry Hybrid are nice luxury cars. You can also go for upcoming Nissan X-Trail hybrid and if your budget is in crores, you can opt for the BMW i8. The electric market in India is opening up and products like Tesla Model 3, Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid and other options will soon see their day of the light.

We know it's hard to leave the comfort of your personal car and opt for public transport. But consider this - what will our comfort yield if our children can't breathe fresh air?

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