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How to Get the Best out of Car Air Conditioner?

How to Get the Best out of Car Air Conditioner?

Snapshot: In this scorching summer, passenger in the car want the cabin to be cool and here are some tips that will enhance the performance of your car's AC.

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Cars have been an indispensable part of our life these days, we all prefer using it other than public transport (way to such transport always makes you in sweaty situation). One situation occurs is when you just open the car door and a sudden blow of nuke-heat is all onto you after you parked your car under the sun. Feels as if the sun was itself in the car and might melt you away with it. It could be tricky to use car AC in hot weather, as the system has to work out a lot and there are many drivers who don’t use the system correctly that leads to wasting fuel and money. So here are some tips that would maximize the performance of your vehicle’s AC even in steamy-hot condition.

Get rid of Hot Air

Going back home from your work, as soon as you get in your car, your first step is to get rid of the hot air inside the car. So before getting inside open the windows partially and open and close the driver’s door successively, in order to let out the heat wave from other windows. This is basically forcing out and sucking-in of air, that takes just few seconds. And if your car has a sunroof it is an add-on to it and keep it open even when driving for a minute, as all the hot air will rise and get out through it.

Time to Switch-On AC

As now you are in the car after the aforementioned tip, it is suggested to switch on the air-condition system while you are driving. The compressor works much faster while the car is running with the rotation of the engine. Though many drivers go for AC switch as soon as they get inside, but mind it is just wastage of time and fuel at the same time and it will be more effective while the car is on a move. Also keep the rear passenger seat windows open while driving, as it will blow out all the remaining hot air left at the rear section of the cabin. Don’t even think about opening the front windows, as it will just clear the front section only. And here sunroof will work more swiftly.

Switch the AC on at Low Speed

It is obvious that the temperature inside a car is unfavourably higher than the outside. Always switch the AC on at low speed in order to draw the outside air and if you are thinking that switching the AC on maximum level will make it quick, then you are wrong. At ‘Max’ level, the system will be forced to take cabin’s air, which is hotter than the outside. Even while you are asleep, you never want some to wake you up by tapping, rather with an easy approach will be most appreciable.

Change the AC/Pollen Filter

If you are using AC in hot weather and want it to be more efficient, then you just not only need the tuning up the system, but also keep a check on a few components. Check the cabin filter on a regular basis, at times there might be some problem with optimal airflow that you are were not expecting at such situation, which usually happens due to a dirty pollen filter. Check if the filter dirty and greasy, it is time to change it.

Turn off the Auto Stop/Start system

With the technology booming worldwide auto makers have added a new feature - Auto Start/Stop system. With this tech, vehicle’s AC turns off automatically when the engine is not running and this usually to save fuel. But this feature will not be of any help if you are stranded in a thick traffic. So it is better if switch off the feature so that you cabin stays cool, even when you have to stop anywhere, be it a traffic light or a jam.

Shut down properly

Drivers must know this, that if you are using an air-condition system, then an engine cutoff is harmful, though it is a shortcut for a switching the whole system off, but would hit your pocket at later stages. So it is advised to turn off the AC before switching off the engine. Meanwhile, you can keep the air blower running that will dry out the evaporator and other surrounding components that would stop moss and other bacteria to grow.

It is necessary that you always follow a periodic maintenance schedule at least once a  year and also check the level of refrigerant in the system in the system and timely replace of it help keep your vehicle’s air-conditioning system more efficient. At least once a year, your service should spray some anti-bacterial substances into your AC’s ducts and vents.

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