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How to handle your bike in case of tyre burst

How to handle your bike in case of tyre burst

Snapshot: Handling a tyre burst can be a tricky situation and hence we have run-down the best possible steps you can follow to bring your bike to halt safely.

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Well, summers have officially begun and with the upsurge in temperature, the risk of tyre bursts also escalates. So, we have decided to run down some lifesaving steps that you should follow in case you are stuck in a similar situation. We hope this compendious article will help you in one way or another.

Of course, accidents are an inevitable part of riding life, but accidents due to bad tyres can always be avoided. When you know you are already done with your set of tyres and need to change as soon as possible, try cruising at a low speed. To be precise, stay between 50-70 kmph and not above that, because tyre burst at this speed can be easily handled, whereas burst at 100 kmph will be more dramatic to control.

Do not hit the brakes instantly.

Well it’s true that our mind is hotwired to instantly hit the brakes in case anything goes wrong, but it’s not a universal rule and so it doesn’t apply here. If you are doing speeds in excess of 90 kmph and your tyre explodes, do not hit the brakes spontaneously and instead try rolling on the bike without engaging the brakes at all. The reason for doing so is that at that speed, the most important thing is not to lose balance and hitting the brakes will make the bike wobble. Hence, chances are that you will be thrown away from the bike. So, never hit the brakes in this situation!

Keep the bike straight.

Apart from braking, the most important thing that should be avoided in this situation is taking a turn. Well, of course, according to the situation, you will have to turn the bike to get out of the danger zone, but try doing that with acute linearity and not abruptly because a blowout tyre will severely unbalance the bike and if you take a sudden turn, prepare to bang the asphalt.

Use engine braking.

If you are riding a bike that has good engine braking, then instead of hitting the brakes, you can gradually slow down the speed by shifting down the gears and deaccelerating using engine braking. There won’t be any sudden force due to brakes and so, this is the unscathed way of cutting the speed and won’t let your bike quiver.

With the advancement in technology, the tyres are getting safer with time, but still it is always better to check your tyres’ state weekly. Remember, less treads is an alarm to change the rubbers.

If you are out on a long road trip on your beloved motorcycle and the condition of the tyres is so bad that you can clearly see the bead wires beneath the scrapped up, in this case, the only option is to keep progressing with what you have since it is not always possible that you can go for a tyre change right in the middle of your journey. So first of all, you must avoid taking a rough terrain as it will totally destroy what you are left with. Secondly, try duct taping the scraped-up middle portion, and remember covering only that area or else rear will lose traction and you won’t be able to ride. Take care of these simple things and you are good to go!

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