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How to handle your car when the brakes fail

How to handle your car when the brakes fail

Snapshot: Here are a few top tips to keep in mind in case you ever find yourself in an emergency with your brakes.

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There are days in any motorists life which can turn out to be unexpected. While you can't ever predict a sudden brake failure, and it is one of the most dreaded things to happen when you are on the open road you can try and remember some our top tips mentioned here to keep yourself and your loved ones safe when on the road. As always, remember to keep your seatbelts on to keep yourself safe. 

Keep a cool head – The most important thing to do is try and not to panic and you will be able to cope with the emergency situation better. Do realise the fact that you are experiencing a serious life threatening situation for yourself and fellow motorists at hand and take the measures detailed below.

Keep at it – Just because the brake pedal isn’t responding right now, you shouldn’t stop pumping the brake pedal. You just might get some bite from the brakes as the fluids start working. Try this repeatedly. Air can get trapped in the brake system can make the pedal feel spongy. Repeated pumping might expel it.

Gear it down – You can also slow down the car by going down the gears and don’t worry about shifting smoothly, you need to reduce the vehicle speed by hitting lower gears. So even if you are doing around 60kph shift down to second and then to first immediately so that the engine does the braking for you. 

Leave out nothing  After you have tried pumping the brake pedal and shifted down to a lower gear also try and use the hand brake lever, which normally operates the rear brakes. But remember to do this gently so that you don’t lock the wheels and put yourself in greater danger on the road.

Shed speed – If nothing else is working then try to rub the car against a railing on the side of the road or aim for a soft road surface to lose speed. Finding a gravelly surface is also a good idea to drop speeds. Do not bother about vehicles body damage since your own safety is paramount at this point of time. Look for the softest target in sight like a bush or a small shrub or tree and aim your car at that, make sure everyone is belted up in the car. Be careful not to crash into a place packed with people or other vehicles, which will cause further damage.

Let others know – Flash your headlamps, switch on the hazards and honk hard and loud. If you have to shout ‘brake fail’ through your windows do it and let fellow motorists and others on the road know that you are experiencing an emergency so that they will keep out of your car’s way. 

Surprisingly, 50% of Road Death Accidents in India Take place at Crossings!!

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