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How to hunt for a new car discount?

How to hunt for a new car discount?

Snapshot: Buying a new car in India at certain times of the year can prove to be more beneficial, while there are some other things too you can do to make that deal more beneficial.

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If you have been visiting our website regularly or have purchased a car through us, then you would perhaps know that any car that you purchase from us is delivered along with exciting deals and offers like holiday packages, petro cards etc. and this is of course on top of what the dealers offer. But, there’s no such thing like “too much discount”. To make your purchase even more beneficial, there are certain simple things that you can do that would help you squeeze out the best benefits out of that new car deal.

1. Making the right decision based on market research 

You know it’s never too late to reconsider a decision that you have already made, specially when there are so many manufacturers and cars that are now competing against each other at all levels in the Indian market. So, keep your mind open while short listing. At times, some of the cars are not doing so great in terms of sales as their rivals, and to boost sales, manufacturers are forced to offer huge discounts on them at expense of their margins. Now they may not be poor products as such and their service network and other factors; that one generally considers before purchasing might have also improved substantially since the last time you checked, but just because the customer has an image of that “Brand” or that “car” in particular which the brand is not able to shake off, the sales suffer despite the company having a great product. You may in the end anyways go with your favourite car brand or the car that you initially shortlisted, but it’s always good to consider all brands and there’s a chance that a well informed customer can use his information to get the best deal.

2. Updated model of the car would not get you discounts  

It mustn't come across as news, that car models receive upgrades and facelifts from time to time. A manufacturer never offers discounts with its new car models, so making an advance booking would probably never get you an attractive benefit on a car. However, in case if the car does not perform in the market according to the manufacturer's expectations, dealers start offering benefits to attract the buyers. So, the key here is to, wait. Also, in the process, dealers generally offer great deals and discounts on old models because they want to make way for the upgraded models. Chances are that you may have liked the old car better, so keep your eyes open and watch out for any upgrade or facelift that your coveted car is about to receive, this would just be the right time to get it for a bargain. 

3. Waiting for the right time of the year

Time is another factor that plays a crucial role in India. The time around diwali and dhanteras is something that manufacturers and customers alike, look forward to. Customers do this, keeping in mind the festive season and the purchase they would make. While the manufacturers do this, because they are well aware of the Indian customers’ psyche, A win-win situation for both. So it is always a good idea to check news papers around Diwali and you would find them flooded with advertisements from all manufacturers. In case you planning to purchase a car somewhere around September, it might be a good idea to wait until Dhanteras and diwali to get the best deal.

4. Checking through different dealerships to find available offers

To stay at the top of their games, dealers of the same car brand are almost always in a race to get most number of buyers, along with them, you could be the one to reap the benefit out of it. Before, finalising the deal, make sure to call different dealers to find out the cash discount and benefits that different dealers are offering, Mention the best deal to the other dealers and I am sure you would be able to squeeze a still better deal after this. 

5. Year-end discounts

Since buying a car from old year reduces the resale value in short term, you might be better off with the car of old year if you are planning on keeping it for a comparatively longer duration (about 7-8 years). Car manufacturers generally offer huge discounts on their entire line up of products at the end of year to exhaust the inventories from old year. The offers are rolled out around mid December and are available throughout January. The discounts can range from anywhere between few thousands to even lacs. Make sure that you get enough benefit upfront that’s would offset the loss that you would make while selling a one year old car at later stage, otherwise it’s better to stick with a car from new year. 

Not satisfied with the list? If you think there are other ways that can help get a better deal, let us know in the comments section below.

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