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How to keep your bike safe in the rainy season

How to keep your bike safe in the rainy season

Snapshot: There are a lot of things that might go wrong with a motorcycle in the monsoons and we have tried collecting some of the main steps that you can follow to take a proper care of your motorbike in a season like this.

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This year’s monsoon is about to bang on the doors. Few days back we told how to properly ride your motorbike in wet weather conditions and today in this article we will tell how to properly take care of your baby in the rains. One of the worst enemies of any machine including motorcycles is moisture or damp air and if proper care is not done you might end up with messed up electricals and rusted parts on your motorbike.

1.    Prevent rust before it hits-

If you might have studied this you will know that the most stressed/strained parts of any machine are the most vulnerable to rust. In case of a motorcycle, it is its chain that has the highest chances of getting eaten up by rust at the most extensive pace. So what can be done to keep it safe?

First of all, keep it clean and lubricated. There are a variety of chain cleaners and lubes available in the market today that can be used to keep your chain safe. A chain cleaner removes all the dirt and sludge that sticks to the chain after a long usage. It is a thick mixture of oil, grease and dirt that eats up a chain’s life and hence should be cleaned as soon as it is noticeable.

The battery terminals should be insulated using grease or petroleum jelly that doesn’t allow rust to take place. Apart from that, all the chrome parts should be treated with anti-rust solution and rubber oil seals on the suspension should be coated with a thin layer of petroleum jelly to prevent any occurrence of rust.

Note- Make sure you read about how to clean your motorcycle chain before attempting it yourself. If not done right you might end up harming yourself very seriously.  

2.    Get a shed on your parking space-

A single night rain is enough to mess up the electricals and instrumental panel on your motorbike and in case you ride a KTM or other such bike with heavy electricals and costly digital display, god save you!

Do not park your motorcycle in open space and try to find a dry estate which offers a proper dry parking for your baby. In case you don’t have any such place you can also cover the motorcycle using a protective rain cover or plastic to avoid any damage to your motorcycle parts.

3.    Rust is inevitable, know how to deal with it-

There are certain things which cannot be controlled and if you ride a motorcycle you know rust is among one of these things. It will always find a way to crop up somewhere or the other but you should know how to deal with it. Use anti-rust solution along with sand paper, kitchen scrub pads, old toothbrushes or steel wool to scratch the rust out of sight and prevent its chain reaction from spreading across other places. After the work is done you might find a lot of scratches make sure you treat them thoroughly with metal polish or chrome polish to buff the surface well.

4.    Know about home remedies against rust-

If you remember taking the Chemistry lessons seriously you will know how powerful the kitchen ingredients are. No we are not discussing on making a bomb out of the kitchen ingredients but anti-rust solutions. Lemon Juice is the most common remedy that you can use as an anti-rust solution, it is nothing but citric acid and it works very strongly on counter attacking the rust. Apart from that you can also use plain old baking soda with water and white vinegar and aluminium foil as a home remedy against rust.

Note- Make sure not to spill these solutions anywhere else but only on the rusted parts.

5.    Wax is a saviour-

We know it takes bit of an extra effort to wax/polish the ride after it’s clean but it is also extremely important in the rainy season. Waxing your ride not only makes the paint glossier but also makes a shield against the rust. So a waxed/polished surface is comparatively much safer against corrosion than a non-waxed surface.

We hope this article will help your ride in many ways to deal with the upcoming rainy season. Ride Safe!

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