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How to plan a long motorcycle trip in India? - 10 Essentials!

How to plan a long motorcycle trip in India? - 10 Essentials!

Snapshot: We bring you 10 important tips to keep in mind when you go out for a long ride. Now, all you need to do is to hit the road!

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Roads were invented for a reason, and so were motorcycles. These both combined create great stories, for what is a motorcyclist who doesn't go far for a ride and unlucky are those set of wheels who haven't clocked many a miles. We bring you 10 important tips to keep in mind when you go out for a long ride. Now, all you need to do is to hit the road!

Invest in a proper luggage system

One of the biggest mistakes people do is to think that it’s unnecessary to invest in a luggage system for a once in a while touring trip. A good luggage setup not only increases your luggage carrying capacity and organization but also makes the luggage weight on the motorcycle equally distributed to all ends for better stability. If available, hard shell bags are better than soft fabric bags as they provide rigidity and are more compliant to changing weather. Also, luggage flapping around the back of your bike isn’t the most elegant scene unless you want to tell people that you still wear daffy duck undergarments.

Invest in a proper GPS system

When touring on the motorcycle, it’s not always feasible to stop every 10 minutes to ask for directions and especially not when you have to leave your motorcycle and luggage to go a distance for it. Investing in a good GPS System that provides good coverage always makes a lot of sense, as apart from touring, it can be used in daily traffic and intercity travel. With smartphones becoming so popular these days, its makes excellent sense to buy GPS software on the phone itself. With many international providers such as Garmin and Tom now having their GPS software on smartphones, it makes for a very essential investment for touring. As for sticking that phone to the bike, there are several mounts available in the market offering everything from a sturdy fit to waterproofing. Make sure to tag all the police stations and hospitals on the route, just in case you or some other road user may need.

Invest in a good riding gear

If you are a frequent tourer, the average set of street riding gear just doesn’t cut for the job. Touring gear is different made specifically for touring. Take a touring jacket for instance, the extra pockets makes for easy access to things like cameras and wallets while the breathable liners makes for a less dehydrated touring experience. 

Invest in a hydration kit

Motorcycle journeys can be quite demanding and dehydrating. As more time goes on the saddle, the body looses fluids quite quickly. To save from dehydrating there is a need for a regular intake of fluids on the move. We all know how uncomfortable it can become to take off half the gear to get to a bottle of water every time there is a need to drink, not only wasting time but also asking your mates to stop and take unwanted breaks. A hydration pack is a must have kit while touring to carry sufficient supply of fluids to keep the water levels at normal

Carry the right spares

For those unfortunate times when the headlight bulb takes off at night, you really don’t want to stare into your GPS screen for the next turn. Essential spares such as clutch/accelerator cables, levers and headlight bulbs always come handy at such situations. Even if, and fortunately they never get used during the trip they are the most common wear and tear parts and would come in use sooner or later. Also never forget to leave home without a puncture repair kit.

Use Earplugs

On a long journey, the constant windblast can leave you impaired of hearing even after several hours of finishing the ride. So if you don’t want to miss out on that phone number the beautiful lady gave you at the bar, we suggest that you plug those bad boys in for the trip. Read why using earplugs while riding is paramount? 

Carry a soft piece of cloth

While riding on the highway, you are one of the biggest insect killers out there, and the helmet visor takes more than just a few splats of insects on it. Make sure you carry a soft piece of cloth to clean the visor every now. Clean the grime off with your bare hands and then wipe the visor dry with the soft cloth and carry on. 

Carry your safety cash

God forbid if something goes wrong and there is an emergency, the first thing required to fix things up is cash. No matter how many credit cards and debit cars you have, carry some spare cash tucked inside your travel gear only to be used in case of an emergency. You wont believe how handy that bankroll can be. 

Plan the day ahead

When touring long distances, no two days are the same. While one day you are trying to cross a lonely straight highway the next day you might find yourself carving through beautiful lush green forest roads. It is essential to know what’s ahead so you can plan accordingly. This way you can skip on the boring parts and spend enough time taking photos, and taking breaks at the right places to soak in the beauty of the landscapes.

Don’t forget to make friends

There is no strategic advantage here, nor will they be able to help you in trouble when you have already traveled 100kms away from them. But the people you meet while you travel give you the best description of the locality you are in. With their advice, you can get a lot of local information that might not be available on the Internet and certainly would help in getting you to that exotic local cuisine that you always wanted to have.  And, who knows you might just find a friend for life on road!! 

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