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How to prepare your car for monsoon

How to prepare your car for monsoon

Snapshot: With monsoon season nearing, here are few tips that will help you take care of your vehicle in the season.

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Monsoon is almost here and some regions already received pre-monsoon showers. Well, this season is enjoying for some and annoying for some (like motorists). Though, the weather becomes pleasant enough to lower down the surrounding temperature that urges to take your car out for a spin and in some scenarios commuting to your workstation as well. To some extent, it is not that difficult to handle monsoon season. But getting behind the wheels in this season and here are a few tips that will help you prepare well in advance.

Inspecting Tyre condition –

You might have a bought a range topping variant, loaded with all techs and features like ABS, Traction Control, ventilated disc brakes on all four wheels and control unit to send inputs for optimum braking to all four wheels, but it’s the tyres that make sure your car is well planted on the muddy roads. To make sure that your tyres are good enough to provide a proper gripping, make it certain that the tyres have more than 2mm of tread or groove. And if you find that it is less than aforementioned tread limit, make sure to replace your vehicles’ tyres. Life of tyres usually 30,000 to 40,000km depending upon the driving conditions. The groove on your tires work to siphon water away from the tires and helps to reduce the risk of hydroplaning when driving on wet roads. Apart from that, also make sure that the tyre pressure is optimum every time you fill up your vehicle including the spare wheel.

Wiper Condition –

It is a basic thing, but we often ignore it. You definitely don’t want to go blind while driving. It is necessary to check your wipers as the visibility is very low in a drizzling night, even if you have brightest of the headlamps.

Keep a check on the wiper rubbers as they do get hardened and leave a streak of water lines when wiping off in the drizzling night and moreover also end giving scratches on the windshield glass. The wipers do get hard when the car is parked under the sun, so it is better to cover your car. Changing a pair of wipers is the best option and doesn’t even cost much.

Check Lights -

Before going out for a spin, check all the warning light flashing on your vehicles instrument cluster like headlights and brake lights, which are useful at a critical time of a storm, you don’t want to stop at a blacked out space on the road.

Pre-monsoon Service Checkup -

The best way to reduce the possibility of a breakdown is to go for a pre-monsoon service checkup. The service check up is a general checkup of your vehicle that includes checking of brake pads, disc and brake calipers, electric and electronic system check, air filter cleaning, fluid topping like engine oil, coolant, these top-ups also includes windshield washer, which is a mixture of car shampoo with water.

Paint Protection -
We all know monsoon is a call for humid weather that makes a high risk for the metal to turn into rust and the best way to keep it way is by keeping yourself free this Sunday to give your car some makeup, what I mean is actually a wax coating! This process is of applying wax to the exterior of the vehicle evenly and then the rubbing it till the wax comes out with a shine on it. Use a microfibre cloth for the buffing process in a circular motion, giving the best results.

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