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How to repair your car at home - DIY

How to repair your car at home - DIY

Snapshot: While it's hard to repair a modern day car at home, there are a few fixes that can be done at home and will save you a lot of money. Here's a few of them!

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As the cars are becoming more and more advanced, its hard to diagnose the problem and hence, hard to repair one too. You have to visit the authorized service stations or a technician who can repair the car and its problems. Yet, there are few things and fixes that can be handled at home with little experience and without any fancy tools. These fixes will save you the garage fees and other overheads, saving a lot of money.

Here's a few Do It Yourself tips to repair your car at home!

*Disclaimer - This is not an article to explain you the method of repairing the car. This article aims to explain you about various parts that can be replaced at home to save you a lot of money!

Air Filter Replacement

An air filter is meant to keep the dust and pollutants out of your car. This leads to the clogging of air filters in the longer run, which lowers your car performances on many levels. An air filter can be easily sourced from a shop and can be replaced easily at home. Changing your car’s air filter will increase power and also the mileage. In fact, air filter replacement is one of the easiest DIY car repairs one can do at home.

Click here to understand how to replace air filter at home!

Oil Change

The engine oil is a very essential part of any automobile and one has to maintain and replace engine oil time to time for the smooth functioning of the engine and hence your car. Changing and top-up of engine oil is a relatively easy process if done with certain precautions. The tools you need for oil change are ratchet, wrench, funnel, new oil, oil container, and oil filter. Avoid changing the fuel immediately after driving the car for long. The the engine cool for at least a few hours before changing the oil.

Here's how to top-up and replace and car engine oil!

Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs are important to start a car and a good Spark plug can make your car have a better fuel consumption rating and a smoother drive. Of late, Iridium spark plugs have become popular to increase your car's performance. Spark plugs are easy to replace and one has to check the wires too while replacing spark plugs.

Windshield Wipers

The windscreen wipers are utterly necessary to keep your front glass clean, which helps you have a smoother ride. If your wipers are not cleaning the window, chances are that the wiper rubber is worn out and you need to replace them. Changing windshield wipers is a very easy task and all you need is basic tools like a screwdriver and new wipers to change them.

Headlight Bulbs

Burnt or fused headlight bulbs are a very common breakdown one faces in the car. Every car comes with spare headlight bulbs that can be fitted in your car. If you have a headlight that is not sealed beam, you can replace the bulb yourself. Make sure that you use right wattage for the bulb, as some of the fancy and high power bulbs can burn the wiring of the car.

All you need to know about the car headlights in detail!

Car Batteries

Car batteries are the center of most of the car’s electrical mechanism and hence failure too. If your battery is drained, you will not be able to start the car, let alone the other important electrical functions. To replace the battery, you have to buy the right kind of battery, with the right kind of ratings. It's really easy to replace the battery, but you have to keep in mind about the positive and negative poles.

Take care of your car batteries in winters. Know more!

Tyre Replacement

We have done a video for the same and we can tell you how easy it is to replace the tyres. If you have a damaged wheel, worn out tyres, or even while upgrading them, you can actually replace the tyres at home. All you need is a proper jack, tools and surface to change the tyre. Make sure they are bolted back tightly, to avoid any mis-happening. Make sure you get your wheels balanced and aligned with machine later.

Here's how to replace a punctured tyre!

Washer Tanks

Last but not the least is the washer tank of your car, that is necessary to clean dirty windshields. The car's washer tank is located under the hood and you can easily spot one using the imprinted sign on the cap. Your washer tank can burst due to various reasons, but you can replace them pretty easily. All you need to do is unbolt the tank and replace it. Make sure to fill the washer tank with washer fluid and test for proper function.

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