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How to sell your bike online for the best price

How to sell your bike online for the best price

Snapshot: Do you have an old bike parked in the garage for a long time? Looking to sell it online for the best price? You are just at the right place.

If you own a motorcycle then chances are that you will try to sell it off someday when you don’t need it. The convenience of the internet has contributed to the fact that we can instantly sell off the things we don’t need. In the article today we have listed down some of the main points that can help you get the best value for your motorcycle.

1.Get the bike portfolio done:

The better your bike looks in the photographs, the higher value it will get. In some cases, users will even ignore the total odometer rating just because the bike looks like new and is decently maintained. Get the repairs done, wash and wax the bike properly. Call a photographer friend and choose at least 4 to 6 best photographs that will be uploaded to all the online advertisements.

2.Check for the tire life, replace if needed:

If your bike service is due and also your tires are up for replacement, don’t bother spending on the servicing but make sure you fit your bike with a new set of tires. Bald tires will surely make a bad impression, so you are still not ready for the final price negotiation part if the bike is still running on the old set of tires with 10%-20% life remaining.

3.Collect all the old service records:

If you have all the service records maintained, the chances are you are more likely to get the best value for the bike. The history of service records gives an assurance to the buyer that he is investing the money in a bike that is very nicely maintained and is more reliable. If your bike has a minor accidental history, it’s not important to mention the same in front of the buyer, as long as there is nothing pending repairs on the bike.

4.Sell the mods separately:

All the modifications done on the bike doesn’t add any value to most of the buyers. If you have a 60K exhaust on the motorcycle that really won’t help in getting a higher price, as not all the buyers are looking for modified models. The best you can do is remove all the upgrades and make the bike stock, and then sell everything separately.

5.Survey the top second-hand bike selling websites:

There are a couple of websites on the internet today that can help you get the best price for your bike in no time. Some of these websites are as old as 8-10 years and have a huge footfall of the users. The more traffic a website has, the better chances it has of getting the most views. List down some of the most used websites, and make sure you post the ad on at least three of such websites for free. You can also try boosting the ad that will guarantee you can make the best out of the internet selling power.

6. Make your ad stand apart:

Since by now you have already collected all the paperwork, got your bike repaired, and also got the portfolio done its time to post the best online advertisement. Since you already have good pictures your ad is bound to get the most views, but that’s not enough. Make sure you give a short, sharp and catchy headline to your advertisement.  

7.Choose intelligent pricing:

The most critical thing when it comes to dealing with the second-hand bikes or cars is the price point. So what is intelligent pricing and how to set it?

·         Do a survey of the same bike model as yours that have been enlisted on the different used bikes websites.

·         Choose a slightly higher but reasonable price and mark ‘negotiable’ on the headline of the advertisement.

·         Since you have tagged the ad as negotiable, this will attract more potential buyers.

8. Use social media to promote the advertisement:

If you are active on the social media and have a long list of friends, it always good to use such platform to make the advertisement reach more active internet users. If you also happen to have different automotive pages on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, then it’s even better. You can also ask your friends to share your ad posts on their timelines to multiply post reach.  

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