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How to sell your car for the maximum price

How to sell your car for the maximum price

Snapshot: Here are 7 tips for you that come handy when negotiating the maximum price for your used car for sale in India.

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Car buying is talked about a lot but when it comes to selling a car (most likely while upgrading a bigger and better product), more often than not we let a used car dealer do the work. That might ensure less work in one's hands, but considering that the dealer has to save a few thousands or lakhs as his margin, the price paid to the owner is lesser than what the car is worth. Fret not, here's how you can increase the value of your car:

#1. Be specific about the essentials
The first thing that impacts most is the accuracy of the information provided. So, if your car has done 21k kilometers, mention that and not 20k+. Also, mention if you have the paperwork and service history of the car. This will increase the buyer's interest in your vehicle. 

#2. How to make an online listing more visible
There are plenty of ways to sell your old car, but, nothing comes close to online marketplace in terms of ease of use. We suggest you make the most of it, simply by offering an interesting advertisement. Starting with the description, make it readable. There must be thousands of buyers who claim their car to be in mint condition but be the one who gets meticulous without sounding boring. Inject some of the love you had for the car and get a concise yet interesting description. 

#3. Clean your car and photograph it
No one likes to buy a filthy looking car. Heck, not even rally driver would want to drive a dirty car, unless he's on his way to the podium. So, why expect car buyers to look at an advert which shows a car that's not clean and the pictures that look shoddy at best? 

First thing to do before posting details about the car online is to clean it. Now, cleaning won't take a lot of effort and in return of the labour you'll put into it, your car will suddenly begin to look more interesting. If the paint seems to have lost its sheen, just get the cleaned and polished by a professional detailer. 

Once cleaning it up, it is time to click some nice pictures of the vehicle. There are certain angles from which the car might look very beautiful: find them and press the shutter button. Using a simple camera will do the job and make sure that you show how beautiful the car looks. Also, some shots of details like wheels, logos etcetera will surely draw viewers' attention. 

#4. Add pointers that will make the car more likeable
Is your car's fuel efficiency something to be proud of? If yes, then mention that. Does it ride planted at highway speeds? Mention that as well.
Most buyers would like their next car to be as 'clean' as possible. So, if you haven't modified it, kindly mention that. But If you have made some changes, don't hide them. Mention all that too, you never know there might be someone with a similar liking in cars. 

#5. Publicize the advert
So, you are ready to sell your car, and unless it was your father in law who bought it for you, there's no reason to not let people know about the advertisement. Use all forms of social media and the word of mouth, of course, to let more potential customers know about the car. 

#6. Pricing it right
Get it valuated, do some research and then put the final price tag on the car. Check the current market rates, check everything from a buyer's perspective. At the end of the day, it's your car, so you have to decide the price but having an idea at how much buyers would like to spend shall make it easy for you to manage your resources as well. 

 #7. Talk to buyers
Once you put the car up for sale, people will turn up. Talk to them, figure out if they are really interested. In case you are not available, make sure to drop an email or call them back. Be clear about the product and the car will find a new home soon. It is understandable to have a heavy heart while parting ways with an old car, but if there's no other way, then make this parting a happy experience both for yourself and the automobile that served you. Also, let's not forget that there's something shinier waiting to reach your driveway

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