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How to test drive a car

How to test drive a car


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Buying a new car is always an exciting thing but the number of choices and the fact that the manufacturers add more cars to their line-up regularly is more confusing when you go out to buy a new car. Well, then comes the luxury of test-drives, which gives you the first hand feel of the car you are planning to buy and lets you to experience the car in real world.

Here are few tips, which can be used when you go to test-drive a new vehicle to test all the aspects of a car and to know how it suits your daily need and how good it matches your expectation. Here is a list of points for you.

1.Set a budget

No matter whatever car you find good, a better car will be sitting right above it, carrying a price tag, which is a little more than the car you liked. Well, set a budget for yourself and don’t exceed it. Buying a new car is like being in a candy store where you will want to spend more but it is very advisable to stick to a budget. Expensive cars come with fat cost of maintenance too, and then the cost of insurance premium and everything else related elates, increasing the cost of ownership by folds. Set a budget and stick to it.

2.Decide the fuel – petrol/diesel

Diesel fuel price is the only factor most of us think about when we go out to buy a new car. Well, the cost of diesel cars are way more than the petrol ones, and plus the ownership cost of the diesel vehicles are exaggerated too. If your daily commute is very short than the petrol vehicles make more sense than the diesel counterparts. Diesel is not a very feasible fuel to live with and diesel is the most pilfered fuel due to the massive usage.

Follow our article to know what fuel you should choose to save costs.

3.Get the feel of the car

Get settled down in the car and get the feel of the car. Get the feel of the seats and get to know if you can read the letters on console easily. Ergonomics are one of the most important aspect of a car and test-drives is the time to let you get used to the vehicle. Touch around and check the accessibility of the vehicle, you will get to know how comfortable the car is. A person spends most of the time in the car and it is really important to get the hang of the car before you own it.

4.       Visibility

Often it happens that the car you’re driving in is not made for you. The visibility becomes a major issue after sometime. Check all the mirrors, check the corners while turning the car and make sure that the visibility of the vehicle is not hampered in any way. Right posture of sitting gets you the right visibility, which is the most important part of the drive.

5.       Check the transmission

Check how smooth the moves are. Are they smooth enough for your like? The salesperson might ask you to drive slowly and drive in a predetermined turns, but do not do that. The predetermined lines are decided to give the car maximum performance. Check the car at your will and see how good it is while downshifting.

Check Brakes

The brakes in new car need running-in, the test-cars already have their brakes well settled. Always test the brakes and feel them while you do that. Braking is always in need during emergency situations. Check the brakes properly, they will always save you in tight situations.

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