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How to wash your car at home

How to wash your car at home

Snapshot: Learn how to give your car a proper wash in few easy steps.

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Washing your car can be quite satisfying sometimes and it also ensures that your car is getting a safe wash without someone else damaging its paint surface or any other part. Though it might be a bit time consuming to wash your car often, but at the same time you will end up saving quite a few bucks in a long run. Before you start off, you need to educate yourself on the proper way to do it. Also, there are a few prerequisites that you need to fulfill to make sure your car gets the best wash treatment. For demonstration purpose, we have used Maruti Suzuki Ignis for washing.

The Prerequisites:

Two Microfiber clothes, wash brush for tyres scrubbing, two sponges/wash mitts, washing shampoo, window cleaner, car polish, two water buckets, and medium pressure water jet.

Also, make sure your car is cooled down and is parked in a shady area before you start working on it. The reason being, the hot surface will end up drying the wash shampoo quickly and hence will make it harder for you to wash off the marks left.

Step 1. Wheels First:

Start off washing with the wheels first, rinse off the wheels with a water jet, and do not forget to follow the two-bucket method. The two-bucket method involves filling one bucket with clear water and another one with the shampoo water and then repeatedly soaking the washing mitts/sponge in the clear water before dipping it in the shampoo water.

This technique cleans much of the dirt and muck from the washing mitts/sponge and hence reduces chances of scratches when you are using the same washing sponge repeatedly.

Since wheels are the dirtiest part of a car, you should always prefer going with the wheels first. It’s not a hard and fast rule you can also go either way by starting off hood, roof and finishing with wheels. But since wheels are dirty very often, all the muck rinsed off the wheels won't land back on the car and ruin its already clean parts.

After following the two bucket technique on the wheels, again rinse off the wheels with the water jet and you are done with the wheels.

Step2. Followed by full body rinse and shampoo:

Rinse the whole car through-out using a mid-pressure water jet. This will lose all the body dirt and your car will be ready for full body shampoo session. A variety of car wash shampoos are available online, some are wash and wax while others are simply washing solution.

Start off shampooing the car part by part, starting with the roof, hood, doors and then tail. And as soon as you are done with the shampoo, rinse off the entire car again without any delay to avoid watermarks.

Step3. Soak up and polish:

The next important step is soaking up the water using a microfiber cloth and never let the car air dry. Use one of the clothes and gently rub on the wet body surface, this will ensure that there are not watermarks left and the car is ready for polish. Use another microfiber cloth for polishing and polish the entire car surface portion by portion, leaving the glass area.

Step 4. Window cleaning:

Do not use polish on the windshield area or any other glass area of the car, and use a separate window cleaner. This will wipe off all the stubborn bird droppings off the windshield and will clear out all your car windows like new.  


1.       For best results use different washing mitts/sponge on wheels to the entire car surface.

2.       Do not use strong pressure water jet.

3.       Water used for cleaning should be cool, as high-temperature water or warm water might react with the car paint surface or get inside paint cracks and catalyze rusting.

4.       Try not to move the washing sponge in circles, as it might leave minor swirl marks on the car surface.

5.       Never let the car air dry.

6.       The polishing cloth should be different to the soaking cloth.

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