In retrospect on the occasion of Engineers day!

In retrospect on the occasion of Engineers day!

Snapshot: It won't be wrong to say that mankind's growth to a large extent has been on the foundation laid by science and applied by engineers.


Today 15th September is celebrated as the Engineers day worldwide. Engineers are those breeds which are suppose to help reduce human effort, by giving them something out of the ordinary, using the technology available. It won't be wrong to say that mankind's growth to a large extent has been on the foundation laid by science and applied by engineers. We at Bikeportal, think engineers helped us in giving something extraordinary, called 2 wheelers.

Yes, 2 wheelers are those machines which take us closer to achieve Nirvana. It won't be wrong to say that if God created land, engineers created 2 wheelers to conquer it. We wish congratulations to all the engineers who contributed to our society and gave us some brilliant machines. On this occasion, we present to you 2 wheelers which changed the course of biking in India (some names may be missed, but we believe that the mentioned 2 wheelers changed the shape of Indian 2 wheeler industry).

Bajaj Chetak
Remember your days listening to jingle 'Humara Bajaj'. Beautifully relating to our everyday routine, that the Ad gave us an insight about what a 2 wheeler can mean to a common a Indian. It changed the shape of the future of the company forever. Record number of sales were clocked. Still, some people keep Chetak as a souvenir.

Yamaha RD 350 
Performance biking and RD 350 were synonyms in those days. This 2 stroke bike with a 350cc mill, was an adrenaline shooter. Still very few machines can come close to the unmatched performance delivered by Yamaha.

Hero splendor 
Talking of the masses, this 100c commuter did for the Hero what Chetak did to the Bajaj. Eventually people learnt that they need a bit of performance on 2 wheels also. Although not too fast by any means, Hero Honda Splendor was indeed a peoples bike. Close to 2 lakh units per month was the sales figure, Hero achieved at its height.

RE Enfield 
Indian Harleys? No, they were Enfields. No comparison can be done for such a thump generating machine. 350cc and 500 cc for all Indians was made easy by this British born, later Indian owned brand. The cult following it has in India can shy even the likes of British Triumph and American Harley.

Bajaj Pulsar 
Want to touch 100kmph on a 4 stroke machine giving 60 kmpl and light on pocket with good looks. Phew! Yes Pulsar made it easier, for Indians had now everything in a single bike. It sold like hot cakes and saw more updates and version than any other bike in India or abroad we suppose.

Honda Activa 
What TVS Scooty started in 90's, Activa completed in the new millennium. Dethroning Splendor as the number 1 selling 2wheeler  in India, Activa became a unisex machine. Good looks combined with performance and hassle free ride added with great mileage and good price made the Activa an instant hit. Although the gearless scooter market in India is growing day by day with companies providing options like none other, still there is no match to Honda's reliability. Infact India is now Honda's biggest 2wheeler market, thanks to the Activa. Read our related story here!

KTM Duke 
?Last but not the least, the latest entrant in 2 wheeler market is an Austrian orange boy, giving run for the money to every other manufacturer in India. Induced by racing DNA, looks like none other, performance unmatched and the prices unbeatable, KTM Duke 200 and 390 are youngsters choice nowadays. 

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