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ICC World Cup 2019 India Vs New Zealand, Cars Matching Cricketers Persona

ICC World Cup 2019 India Vs New Zealand, Cars Matching Cricketers Persona

Snapshot: In the ICC World Cup 2019, India Vs New Zealand match is scheduled on 13th June. Check out the best luxury cars matching the personality of these cricketers.

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By the time you read this blog, India would have finished two of its matches with New Zealand sitting pretty at the top of the table with three wins out of three. It is early days in the Cricket World Cup 2019 with many games still to be played. The points table can swing to and fro like a pendulum. Every match is crucial for all teams as they march on towards a common aim of holding the World Cup on 14th July 2019.

India/New Zealand encounters always produce edge-of-the-seat entertainment because New Zealand reserves its best performances for the World Cup matches. The encounter on 13th June 2019 promises to be a humdinger. Cricket and cars go together a lot because most of the cricketers are car lovers. So, we thought that matching the temperament of some Indian and New Zealand players with popular cars available in India will be a great idea. Well, this could be a dream line-up.

  1. Colin Munro – Lamborghini Aventador

Colin Munro is an explosive opening batsman who can explode from the first ball he faces. The ideal match for Munro should be the Lamborghini Aventador. This beauty can accelerate from zero to 100 kmph in barely 2.9 seconds. You need such fierce starts to set the ball rolling in this exciting India-New Zealand World Cup encounter. Besides racing off the blocks at tremendous speeds, the Aventador can maintain the acceleration and reach speeds exceeding 350 kmph.

World Cup 2019 India vs Newzealand Colin Munro Lamborghini

The batting exploits of Colin Munro show that he can be equally devastating with the bat in hand. Apart from providing acceleration at the start of the innings, Munro has the stamina to play for a significant number of overs to ensure his team scores well. Similarly, Lamborghini Aventador has a fuel tank capacity of 90 litres to ensure that you drive for more than 600 km on a full tank.

  1. Rohit Sharma – Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

If you have an explosive batsman like Colin Munro blasting away at one end, you need a calming influence like Rohit Sharma at the other to maintain sanity levels. Mercedes-Benz AMG GT should provide the ideal foil to the Lamborghini Aventador. The advantage of the AMG GT is that it allows for extreme driving manoeuvres, something that Rohit Sharma is exceptionally renowned for on the cricket field. In cricket and racing, how you finish is critical to your success.

ICC World Cup 2019 India vs Newzealand Rohit Sharma Cars

The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT can drive along for hours at sustained speed. Rohit Sharma is also one batsman who can wreak havoc on the opposition whenever he bats for more than 40 overs. He has the best strike rate among all batsmen in the 41st to 50th over of an innings.    

  1. Kane Williamson – Volkswagen Passat

One day cricket is not about going out and blasting your way through the opposition ranks. At times, you have to display maturity and stabilise the innings. Kane Williamson is the perfect batsman who can overcome a poor start and ensure that the game goes deep into the final overs. You can see this trait in almost all Volkswagen cars.

ICC World Cup 2019 India vs Newzealand Kane Williamson Cars

The Volkswagen Passat features a dynamic chassis control system that adapts suspensions according to road conditions to ensure a superior ride for its occupants. Kane Williamson is a calm batsman capable of absorbing all kinds of pressure. He is an extremely safe batsman as well. The Passat comes with exclusive safety features like 9 airbags, hill-start assist, ABS, ASR, and tyre monitoring system. You can rely on this car to take you home every day, much in the same way Kane Williamson controls the New Zealand batting arsenal.

  1. Virat Kohli – Jaguar F-Type

If there is one batsman who you can trust the match with, it is Virat Kohli. Virat has the tremendous ability to pace an innings. He is the master of the one-day chase. The ideal car that suits this trait in Virat is the Jaguar F-Type. It boasts of excellent navigation control, thereby making it one of the most comfortable convertibles to ride.

ICC World Cup 2019 India vs Newzealand Virat Kohli Cars

The USP of this car is the retractable door handles that help to create an uninterrupted airflow along the flanks as the car cruises along on the highway. The advanced steering system enables the user to control the speed with its unique angle, helping in improving the visibility on the road, especially when negotiating corners. Virat has this fantastic ability to guide the innings in the middle overs before blasting away at the end and ensuring a comfortable win for India.

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  1. Ross Taylor – BMW i8

Ross Taylor has been around for a long time now. Being a senior member of the New Zealand team, Ross is the perfect batsman to guide the team in the challenging periods in a one-day game. The BMW i8, a hybrid sports car, personifies Ross Taylor to the maximum. This car has the perfect mix of the old and the new.

ICC World Cup 2019 India vs Newzealand Ross Taylor Cars

It can combine petrol and electricity to deliver an excellent mileage performance of 47 kmpl. This sports car is capable of performing without any fear of fuel consumption. Ross Taylor brings this exuberance of the younger breed to match his experience, thereby resulting in a deadly combination. You need this adaptability to tide over any crisis in a one-day game and help your team cross the line.  

  1. MS Dhoni – Volvo XC90

With many explosive batsmen in the team, you need a calming influence to nurture their talent and encourage them to perform better. Is there any person better than MS Dhoni to do this job? Besides, Dhoni has a calculative mind with a navigational map embedded in it. The Volvo XC90 has a similar navigational system cleverly integrated into the display that can guide you home from virtually nowhere.

ICC World Cup 2019 India vs Newzealand MS Dhoni Cars

The best aspect of this system is that you can control it using your voice or smartphone. All you do is simply speak out your instructions, and the system does it for you. The present-day bowlers and fielders look up to Dhoni to provide this type of advice from time to time. The USP of the Volvo XC90 is its excellent safety rating. MS Dhoni has one of the safest pair of hands in the business. Catching makes a difference between a win and a loss in one-day cricket.  

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  1. Hardik Pandya – Porsche 911

If there is one player in India who you can trust to hit a six from the first ball he faces, it has to be Hardik Pandya. Compare this acceleration to the Porsche 911. The 911 can zoom from zero to 100 in merely 3.0 seconds. If Munro provides the acceleration at the start of the innings, Hardik offers the thrust at the end, as he propels the Indian score well beyond New Zealand’s reach. The Porsche 911 is also among the most stylish looking of all Porsche cars.

ICC World Cup 2019 India vs Newzealand Hardik Pandya Cars

It complements Hardik Pandya in all respects because Hardik has a tremendous sense of fashion with his earrings, tattoos, and an impeccable dressing style. When it comes to sustaining the acceleration, very few cars can compete with the Porsche 911. These qualities make the Porsche a dangerous adversary on the racing track. Hardik is similar on the cricket field as a good 20 to 30 ball stay at the wicket can make the difference between a good score and a winning score.  

  1. Matt Henry – MG Hector

Recent exploits show that Matt Henry is becoming a star of ICC World Cup 2019. New Zealand has an all-around team with good bowlers backing up explosive batsmen. MG Hector is the perfect car to match the tenacity of Matt Henry. Not many people outside New Zealand knew much of Matt Henry before the World Cup.

Similarly, the features of MG Hector are also secretive because it has not yet been launched in India. This surprise element is common between MG Hector and Matt Henry. You do not know what to expect from this excellent medium pacer when India lock horns with New Zealand on 13th June 2019.  

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  1. Lockie Ferguson – Ferrari 812

This World Cup is seeing the flourishing of pace bowlers with speed merchants like Jofra Archer, Kagiso Rabada, Oshane Thomas, and Mitchell Starc making their presence felt in a big way. Lockie Ferguson is New Zealand’s fastest bowler with a couple of his deliveries crossing the threshold of 150 kmph.

ICC World Cup 2019 India vs Newzealand Lockie Ferguson Cars

Ferrari 812 is one of the fastest cars in the market today. It is capable of producing short bursts of speed that can rattle the adversaries. Ferguson is in a similar mould as he bowls with a single aim of battering the opposition batsmen into submission with raw pace. The Ferrari 812 has an aerodynamic design that helps to scorch the racetracks at astonishing speeds. Similarly, Ferguson can be a handful if he finds the best of conditions on 13th June 2019.

  1. Jasprit Bumrah – Bentley Mulsanne

The Indian team is different from its predecessors because it can fight fire with fire. If Lockie Ferguson can send down thunderbolts at 150 kmph, Jasprit Bumrah can deliver the perfect riposte with his unorthodox action. Bentley Mulsanne is the first car that comes to mind when you think of Bumrah.

ICC World Cup 2019 India vs Newzealand Jasprit Bumrah Cars

This car looks different from the others while being capable of delivering a thunderous performance at the same time. The V8 petrol motor with an advanced 8-speed transmission system ensures that this car can deliver excellent pick-up and sustain the speeds for extended periods. Bentley Mulsanne has an enormous fuel tank capable of storing 96 litres of petrol, thereby making it the ideal vehicle to go on long drives. Similarly, Bumrah is at his best at the start of the innings as well as at the end.

  1. Trent Boult – Audi Q7

Trent Boult in full flow is an excellent player to watch. He can run through an entire inning if he gets his bearing right in the first couple of overs. The Audi Q7 has similar features, as it is capable of a fantastic off-road performance. Trust the Audi Q7 to carry you home when the roads are bumpy.

ICC World Cup 2019 India vs Newzealand Trent Bout Cars

This vehicle comes with an exceptional ground clearance, whereby it clears speed breakers on the streets with ease. The revamped exteriors have made this car more flexible than before. Trent Boult, with his left-arm medium pace, does provide the flexibility to the New Zealand bowling and gives it a sharper edge. The Indian Cricket team should do well to negotiate the opening burst of this enigmatic player to come up trumps against New Zealand on 13th June 2019.

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The Bottom Line

We have a nail-biting encounter on hand because New Zealand is at its best during events like the ICC World Cup. Yes, they have never won the cup until date, but there is a first time for everything in life. Maybe, 2019 could prove to be the year of the Kiwi. However, they have to contend with the Indian lions, who certainly have their tails up. It thus, promises to be an exciting encounter.

Have a great time enjoying this encounter and be ready to find a fresh set of cars for the India Pakistan match on 16th June 2019. Watch out the World Cup 2019 Schedule to stay updated.

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