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Infographic - 5 interesting Indian Automobile Market facts

Infographic - 5 interesting Indian Automobile Market facts

Snapshot: Some interesting and astounding fact about the Indian Automotive Industry that you might not be aware of.

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ET Auto has come up with a rather interesting list of facts related to our Automobile industry. The Indian automobile industry is growing at a very rapid pace and in the past decade, it has surpassed the expectations of the trade pundits. More and more people are able to buy a car is their primary vehicle instead of a two-wheeler.

The facts listed by ET Auto reveal these buying trends and preferences of customers. We decided to present these facts to you with the help of our inhouse Graphic Designer who made an infographic to understand these figures better. We will also carry this fact series in the future, revealing more such interesting stuff for our readers.

Here's a list of five interesting facts from the Indian Automobile Market!

Ratio of people per car in India has come down from 1:3186 in 1995 to 1:481 in 2014

Ever since Maruti launched the 800 in the country, India is on a progression in terms of automobile sales. But it was the year 1995 when India actually started witnessing high sales. More and more manufacturers were sending their cars to India and people have options to choose among many. According to ET, the per 3186 people in the country, there was a car. And now the population has increased to 1.25 billion from almost 1 billion in 1995, the ratio has come down to 1 car per 481 people. We are still far behind the car per person ratio by a large margin when compared to some of the developed country, but it is an achievement after all.

Fiat 1.3L Multijet engine powers 13 models in India

Be it Tata or be it Maruti, India simply loves the 1.3-litre diesel engine manufactured by Fiat. According to ET, this particular engine is powering almost 13 models in India belonging to 4 manufacturers. Infact, a couple of the largest selling cars like the Maruti Suzuki Dzire and Swift both come equipped with this engine with a DDiS badging. Ironically, Fiat itself is not doing that good job in the country. Tata also uses this engine to power Bolt and Zest. Fiat uses the engine in Avventura and Punto.

Maruti Suzuki sells 2 cars per minute

Ever since its inception in 1983, Maruti Suzuki has been the forerunner of the Indian Automobile industry. Be it the Maruti 800, be it the Maruti Suzuki Alto or be it the Maruti Suzuki Swift, every car coming out of the stable of Maruti is destined to be the segment leader. And it remains no surprise that this helps Maruti Suzuki to be the number one car manufacturer in India. So much so that Maruti became the first manufacturer to cross 1 million annual car production mark, and in 2014-2015, Maruti Suzuki manufactured 1,170,702 units. Now converting these numbers to create an interesting trivia is no rocket science. Taking 365 days in a year and 1440 minutes in a day, ET reached a conclusion that Maruti Suzuki sold 2 cars almost every minute of the day for the year. This is one of the most interesting figures for any manufacturer and with the growing demand of cars, Maruti may try to improve these numbers.

Out of the 10 cars sold by Renault in India, 9 are Dusters

Renault is a big name in the European country and ever since the alliance with Nissan, the French automajor has really grown tremendously. Speaking of which, Renault has not been able to make a big name in the Indian markets. Renault started their journey with Mahindra with the Logan sedan. The car didn't get a good response from the buyers and Renault decided to split up. But then also, Renault struggled hard to make a strong foothold in the market. Out of the 5 cars Renault has launched so far, only the Duster compact SUV has shown some promise. Talking in terms of the numbers, Renault India sold 43,384 units in 2014-2015, out of which 39,279 units were Duster alone. That means 9 out of every 10 car Renault sell is a Duster. Apart from Duster, Renault recently launched the Lodgy MPV and will soon launch the Kwid hatchback. Renault has high hopes from both these products and according to the CEO of Renault- Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, they will try to achieve a market share of 5%, which is currently limited to 1.2% only. The rest of the vehicle like the Scala sedan and the Pulse hatchback are not showing any sign of improvement.

Maruti Suzuki equals Fiat annual sale in just three days

We just discussed how Maruti Suzuki is outshining every other manufacturer in India in terms of sales and production. ET compared the Maruti Suzuki sales figures with the Fiat India. Fiat entered India, or technically speaking, reentered India in collaboration with Tata Motors. Tata was looking after sales and service of the Fiat cars through its dealerships, but the results were far from good. Infact, there were many service related issues also. Fiat then announced to part ways from the Indian manufacturer and slowly started growing its own line of dealership. While the service has definitely improved, a lot is still to be achieved in terms of the sales numbers. Fiat India sold 10,380 units in 2014-2015, as compared to 1,170,702 units by Maruti in the same period. Analyzing the numbers, Fiat sells these much cars in a year, which Maruti Suzuki has achieved in just 3 days.

While we found these facts rather interesting, we will accumulate our own list of such interesting trivia.

You can click here to know more intereseting automobile related stuff!

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