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Infographic - Formula One drivers' fee for 2015 season

Infographic - Formula One drivers' fee for 2015 season

Snapshot: A report by the Autoweek reveals the exact fees paid to each Formula One driver in the 2015 season.

Sport, in any form, is a highly demanding activity - not only physically, but mentally also. Among all the sports played across the globe, Formula One is probably one of the most dangerous and adrenaline filled game. And the Formula One drivers are no ordinary human being, for they start at an age as young as 3 years behind the wheels of Go Karts.

The tougher or exciting the game, the more the fees. A Formula One driver is made after a lot of hard work, technology, dedication and understanding of the car. This is why a typical F1 driver annual fee may be one of the maximum among any sports. And mind it, we are not talking about sponsorship earnings and advertisement fees.

We are talking about the annual fees paid by the manufacturer or constructor or team to its driver. It is at par, if not more than the NBA or Football. But as contrary to other sports, the money is not discussed openly. Take for example the game of Football - every time a player moves from one team or one club to another, the moving price is openly disclosed.

Formula One teams to pay a hefty amount to gain a high ranking driver, but they never leak it out to the media and we are always speculating on the rumors. But this is not the case anymore. A media house by the name Autoweek recently disclosed the fees of each driver for the 2015 season. And the results are eye opener and shocking.

The report reveals the exact annual fee every driver gets from the team. We are stunned to see the difference between the highest earning and modest earning drivers. Also, our believes of certain driver earning more than other drivers was challenged in the report. So we felt is obligatory to disclose the amount these players get.

Here's a list of drivers and their annual fees!

1. Fernando Alonso

Team - McLaren Honda

Fees - $39 Million

2015 Standing - 17th

Points - 0

The most shocking of all the results was that of Fernando Alonso. The dual-world champion was once touted as the favourite F1 driver among many fans. Driving for Ferrari, he gained a lot of reputation among the biggies of the sport. But, for the 2015 season, Alonso decided to move to the newly formed alliance of McLaren and Honda. This alliance was a world champion for many years, before they parted their ways. And they decided to return back for the 2015 season, with some big names in the team. While they retained Jenson Button, addition of Fernando Alonso was considered a good move, until now. McLaren paid a hefty $39 million for Alonso, who haven't been able to score a single point till. That's a big amount we would say for a player with such standing in the current season. We hope that he jumps back, though it's too late now. If he regains his form, that would be helpful for the 2016 season.

2. Sebastian Vettel

Team - Ferrari

Fees - $30 Million

2015 Standing - 3rd

Points - 98

All we had in our minds when this list was leaked was Sebastian Vettel. The four time champion, Vettel, created a lot of furore in the 2014 season when he announced his departure from the Red Bull. It was the team Red Bull with which the German achieved the feat of winning four titles back-to-back. But things went south for the team and the Vettel and decided to part their ways beginning 2015 season.

There were a lot of speculations about the movement of Vettel. Rumors about Vettel moving to Ferrari were afloat, but none was opening their cards. But with the announcement, everyone was happy, since Ferrari didn't make it big for a long time now and Vettel was considered to uplift the Ferrari's flag. And he proved his acquisition correct. With 3rd position in the driver's table, he is constantly giving tough fight to the Mercedes duo. $30 million is what Ferrari paid to acquire him.

3. Lewis Hamilton

Team - Mercedes

Fees - $28 Million

2015 Standing - 1st

Points - 126

The reigning world champion is one of the most competitive athlete in today's sports world. Lewis Hamilton used to race for McLaren before he moved to team Mercedes to fill the shoes of Michael Shumacher, a name synonymous with F1 itself. The Briton had a huge task ahead and he didn't disappoint his backers and won his second championship title in the 2014 season.

He started the 2015 championship with a bang and has left everyone stunned with his zeal to win every race with any possible way. Right now he is leading the championship with 126 points. But he is not getting the amount he deserves, or is he? According to latest reports, Mercedes has extended the deal with Lewis which will get him close to a whopping $50 Million from 2016. This will make him the highest paid star in the Formula 1 history.

4. Kimi Raikkonen

Team - Ferrari

Fees - $20 Million

2015 Standing - 4th

Points - 60

Kimi is a man of many talents. After racing and earning good name in Formula 1, he moved to his hometown Finland, and like every other Finnish, he started doing Rally racing. He was giving a tremendous performance in Rally racing and then he again decided to come back in the Formula 1 championship. Kimi is racing with the team Ferrari is currently standing at 4th position just behind his teammate Sebastian Vettel. He is being paid $20 million for his services to Ferrari.

5. Nico Rosberg

Team - Mercedes

Fees - $15 Million

2015 Standing - 2nd

Points - 116

Nico Rosberg can easily be one person who works harder than anyone, yet is unable to win a big name for himself. Nico is loved by everyone, for his soft-speaking nature and his immense talent. Yet he is overshadowed by his teammates, be it Michael Shumacher, or be it Lewis Hamilton. The German is giving a hard time to his Hamilton this season and is sitting 2nd with just 10 points difference. He has already won 2 races back-to-back, and as we are writing this, he will be racing hard to win the third consecutive race in the Canadian GP.

6. Jenson Button

Team - McLaren Honda

Fees - $11 Million

2015 Standing - 16

Points - 4

Unlike his teammate Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button has a couple of points to his name, yet he is just one above Alonso on the driver standings. He is the last among the racers to earn an eight figure fee, which McLaren would be regretting considering the results by both their drivers. The Briton used to race with Hamilton, before the latter left to join the team Mercedes.

7. Felipe Massa

Team - Williams

Fees - $4.5 Million

2015 Standing - 6th

Points - 39

Felipe Massa carries a lot of burden on his shoulder, for he comes from a country where the legendary Ayrton Senna was born. The Brazilian driver used to race for Ferrari before he moved to Williams a couple of years ago. Ever since he has joined Williams, he has put the team among the big league, and occasionally throws a challenge towards the podium. He is earning $4.5 million and sitting 6th on the driver's table with 39 points.

8. Nico Hulkenberg

Team - Force India

Fees - $4.5 Million

2015 Standing - 13th

Points - 6

We have to admit, that being an Indian, we have a biased mindset towards any racer who drives for Force India. Nico Hulkenberg has been associated with the team for long now, although his performance is not something to cheer for. The German is paid $4.5 million for his services and is currently sitting at the 13th spot with 6 points in the driver's table.  

9. Sergio Perez

Team - Force India

Fees - $4.5 Million

2015 Standing - 11th

Points - 11

Sergio Perez, the second driver for Force India gets the same amount as Nico Hulkenberg, his teammate. The Mexican won a podium in 2012 at the Malaysian Gran Prix driving for Sauber which got him a lot of attention. His chances of moving to Ferrari were doomed and he raced for McLaren in the 2013 season, which ended in a disaster. Eventually Force India got him and he is now sitting above Hulkenberg with 11 points in the 11th spot on the driver's table.

10. Romain Grosjean

Team - Lotus

Fees - $4.5 Million

2015 Standing - 10th

Points - 16

Romain Grosjean is racing for the team Lotus team ever since he joined the Formula 1 in 2012 during his second attempt. He had raced for a short time for Renault in 2009, but the stint was rather short and unsuccessful. The French-Swiss national gets $4.5 million driving for the British team and is currently sitting at the 10th spot with 16 points.

11. Pastor Maldonado

Team - Lotus

Fees - $4.5 Million

2015 Standing - 20th

Points - 0

Pastor Maldonado showed a lot of potential when he won his maiden race in 2012, racing for Williams. He became the first Venezuelan to win a race in Formula 1 after he joined the sport in 2011 with Williams. Maldonado then moved to Lotus in 2014 and is earning the same amount as his teammate. Though, he hasn't scored a single point and sits on the bottom of the driver's tally. He also holds the record of being the most reprimanded F1 driver in the history of the sport.

12. Valtteri Bottas

Team - Williams

Fees - $2.2 Million

2015 Standing - 5th

Points - 42

Valtteri Bottas is the second Finnish on the F1 drivers list who started his career in 2011 as a test driver for Williams. He took part in 15 practice sessions for the team, though his main racing career started in 2013. He has been with Williams ever since and is currently doing good just behind Ferraris and Mercedes'. He gets $2.2 million for his services and has earned 42 till yet in the 2015 season.

13. Daniel Ricciardo

Team - Red Bull

Fees - $1.65 Million

2015 Standing - 7th

Points - 35

If there is one team who lost most of its magic over the couple of years, it certainly is Red Bull. Amidst controversy with engine supplier Renault and face-off with Formula One management over the new rules, the team is struggling to hold its ground, as it did in the past years. Mark Webber was a strong member of the team and after his retirement, Daniel Ricciardo, who like Webber is an Australian, filled his space.

Daniel started his career in 2010, and after racing for relatively smaller teams like the HRT and Torro Rosso, he got his big break with the Red Bull. And he seized the opportunity rather well by finishing third in the 2014 season. Daniel was retained for the 2015 season after the departure of Sebastian Vettel and he gets $1.65 million for racing with the Red Bull. He is currently sitting on 7th spot with 35 points.

14. Daniil Kvyat

Team - Red Bull

Fees - $0.82 Million

2015 Standing - 8th

Points - 17

Red Bull won four-consecutive title with Sebastian Vettel from 2010-2013, who is now replaced by Daniil Kvyat. The only Russian in the Formula One, Kvyat started his career in 2014 with Torro Rosso and was signed by Red Bull for the 2015 season. He has some big shoes to fill and he gets some $0.82 million for driving with the team. He is currently on 8th position with 17 points.

15. Max Verstappen

Team - Torro Rosso

Fees - $0.27 Million

2015 Standing - 14th

Points - 6

If there's one person who literally took away the limelight from the Vettels and the Hamiltons at the beginning of the 2015 season, he definitely is Max Vestappen. The Belgian-Dutch racer became the youngest driver to ever race in the history of the F1, when he took the steering of the Torro Rosso at the age of 17 years.

Son of the former F1 driver Jos Verstappen, Max also became the youngest ever driver to score a point in F1 with his 6th place finish at the Malaysian GP. Ironically, F1 decided to increase the minimum age of racing as 18 years, which means he will hold the record as the youngest driver forever, if there's no rule change again. He is earning $0.27 million and sits at 14th position with only 6 points.

16. Carlos Sainz

Team - Torro Rosso

Fees - $0.27 Million

2015 Standing - 12th

Points - 9

Carlos Sainz Jr. is the son of the former Rally world champion Carlos Sainz. This is the debut season for Sainz Jr. and he is racing for Torro Rosso alongside Max Verstappen. Both the drivers mark their F1 debut in the 2015 season racing for Torro Rosso. Carlos Sainz gets $0.27 million and has scored 9 points, making him stand 12th on the driver's tally.

17. Felipe Nasr

Team - Sauber

Fees - $0.22 Million

2015 Standing - 9th

Points - 16

Felipe Nasr is yet another Brazilian racing in the 2015 F1 season, who made its debut with team Sauber in 2015. Nasr has shown immense potential among all the debutantes and rank among the top 10 drivers this season. He gets paid $0.22 million as fees and is standing at 9th position with 16 point sin his kitty.   

18. Marcus Ericsson

Team - Sauber

Fees - $0.22 Million

2015 Standing - 15th

Points - 0

Marcus Erricson is a Swedish driver who made his Formula One debut in 2014 with the erstwhile Caterham team alongside Kamui Kobayashi. Since Caterham had financial issues and couldn't complete the 2014 season, Ericsson had to terminate the contract. Erricson was later acquired by Sauber and he hasn't earned any points yet. He is earning $0.22 million as driver fee.

19. Roberto Merhi

Team - Manor

Fees - NA

2015 Standing - 18th

Points - 0

Roberto Merhi is racing for the newly built Manor team, who has taken over the Marrusia team after the 2014 financial collapse. The Spanish driver is yet to score any point in the season and there's no detail as to how much he is earning.

20. Will Stevens

Team - Manor

Fees - NA

2015 Standing - 19th

Points - 0

Like his teammate Roberto Merhi, it is unclear how much the team Manor is paying the British driver Will Stevens. He is also yet to score any points for the Manor team and sits at the bottom of the driver's list with Merhi.

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