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Infographic - Ten travel apps on the go!

Infographic - Ten travel apps on the go!

Snapshot: Here are some apps that will make your life easier and help plan your journey better.

Technology and travel go hand in hand. Gadgets and gizmos help you get more enjoyment out of an already well-planned holiday. There is a never-ending array of apps for your phone to make your trip more easy and pleasant. Some of them even become necessities for your future trips. Here are some of the types of apps that will not only maximize your time while you’re on holiday but also improve your trip.

With this app you can track everything like popular tourist spots, coffee shops, parking lots, restaurants, hotels, fuel stations and movie theatres among other things. It’s quite a handy app to have on your phone, especially if you find yourself in a new city.

Google maps
Google Maps provides free and accurate GPS-enabled maps on your smartphones with voice navigation. It’s now available on iOS as well. It comes up with smooth, vector-based map animation, accurate routing and POI data for pedestrian and car navigation. It also provides satellite data and street views. It includes public transit navigation in major cities. Although it does not include no-road-speed-limit display and no-lane-assistance.

Wi-Fi Finder
The Wi-Fi finder is a fantastic app for finding hotspots in an area that you are not familiar with. It helps travellers stay connected and avoids those shockingly high roaming fees on your return home. Finds tons of wireless hotspots easily. Can look up hotspots even when offline. Can filter available hotspots. GPS location must be turned on to get directions. Two-pane view obscures map.

TripAdvisor is the best app to check out for newer holiday locations, resorts and hotels. Millions of reviews of places help you choose the best that suits your taste and budget. Searching is quite straightforward. Simply enter the name or postcode of the place you plan to visit and it will give you a run down on the top places to try. Also the Near Me option helps you find places around your location and this app is absolutely free and simple to use. Along with reading about places, the app has a slew of pictures of the location.

TripIt lets you forward all your travel-related confirmation emails to a TripIt address and you get a day-by-day itinerary of all your vacation details – including flights, hotels, restaurants and concerts. This app is the best safe place for storing all your confirmation numbers alone and make it an essential travel app. The app will then make an itinerary, which you can share via e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

If you’re planning your trip to Canada, USA or Europe, Hopstop is the perfect app. It will get directions from your current location and will deliver you detailed subway, bus, train, taxi and walking directions along with official transit maps, nearby station finder.

Instagram is the perfect place to share everything we shoot. There are lots of editing options, including the ability to edit selections of a photo. Spent the time to play around with it and learn how to use it to really make your photos pop. It gives your photos professional, antiquated, or artistic looks.  The ease of sharing photos across social media networks and the tilt-shift blur effect are note-worthy features.

MakeMyTrip's allows you to do everything a travel agent can: search and book flights, make cancellations, track refunds and schedule alerts. You can also store multiple passenger details on your gadget so you won't need to type in details each time you want to book a flight. The app uses the phone's GPS to find your travel destination and then zero in on travel deals and restaurants. It supports payments through credit and debit cards as well as Net banking. You can't use it to book international flights, only domestic ones. Also, there is no option of booking train tickets.

You may find this app handy, if you travel frequently across the globe. XE app provides an easy calculator, shows charts and can store the last updated exchange rates. The biggest advantage is that you can use the app offline to covert currency as well as view last stored rates. A quick easy converter on your fingertips.

The weather can be unpredictable and those who travel frequently will find this app quite handy, for it offers weather reports of about two million locations across the globe. The user interface is simple with clear display of data. It shows the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, wind direction and speed, air pressure, precipitation amount and relative humidity. It offers you much more than the standard version of the app.

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