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Infographic - Top 10 weird traffic laws around the globe

Snapshot: We compiled a list of 10 weird and insane laws from across the globe that are hilarious as well as an eye opener.

Once there was a world with few hundred thousand people living here and there, with no mode of transportation. Doing trade was tough back then, and so was the interaction between different cultures difficult. And then some wise man decided to experiment and stumbled upon a round shape stone, that was later developed into a wheel.

Eventually the stone wheel took the shape of the wooden wheel and later the rubber wheel. And with the coming of the wheel, transportation scenario across the globe changed. More and more four-wheelers started filling up our roads and soon an automobile boom took place. And the position right now is such that a couple of manufacturers are producing as much as 10 million cars a year.

What comes as a boon, also creates troubles for many. With cars on the roads, accidents became regular and  hence many traffic rules were created. The traffic laws have evolved drastically over the time and they have saved millions of lives. Some countries enforce them strictly, some take them for granted and in some countries, they vary from state to state.

India is one such country, which has a reputation of being one of the most dangerous place for driving. According to the statistics, the number of deaths that took place in road accidents are the most in India. Still, people take the rules and laws as granted, while all these traffic norms are just the basic rules, meant for safe roads, both for drivers and pedestrians.

We should be thankful that we don't have some of the weirdest and insane laws that few countries impose. And hence we decided to compile a list of 10 such weird laws that are hilarious as well as an eye opener. All we can say is, follow all the rules meant for safety, as you may be driving good, but you can't say the same for the driver behind or in front of you.

Here's a list of top 10 weird traffic rules from across the world!

1. Denmark - All Danish drivers are required to check underneath the car before driving it. They need to see if there's any person lying underneath the car.

2. Russia - It's an offense to drive a dirty car in Russia. You will be penalized if you keep your dirty car running around the country.

3. Germany - Ever heard of Autobahn? Yes, the same stretch of road which has no speed limits. Well, if your fuel runs out while driving on the Autobahn, you will be fined.

4. Spain - In Spain, there's a law to keep an extra pair of glasses while driving the car. This has to be done all the time, even if you are wearing glasses.

5. France - This is something very helpful to stop drunk driving. In France, you need to keep a Breathalyzer all the time in the car. If found missing, the police can fine you upto 11 Euros.

6. Turkey - While it's advisable to keep all the safety equipment like the fire extinguisher in commercial cars in India, in Turkey, its mandatory even for private cars.

7. Phillippines - This is one of the most weirdest law we came across in the list. In Manilla, the capital of the Phillippines, no driving is allowed on Monday for cars whose number plate ends with the digit 1 or 2.

8. Colorado, U.S - In the capital of the Colorado, Denver, it's Illegal to drive a Black car on the Sunday. How weird can a traffic law actually get?

9. Pennsylvania, U.S- State police of Pennsylvania, a state in the U.S demand the drivers to detonate a rocket every 1 mile when travelling through countryside to warn the animals. This ensures safety of animals crossing the road in the night.

10. Maine, U.S - Maine, another state in the U.S fines the car owners if they park their car outside of the Dunkin' Doughnuts. A good news for food lovers!

We hope that you will also find these laws weird as we did!

You can also click here to know more such interesting stuff!

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