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Is India Ready For BS-VI Emission Norm?

Is India Ready For BS-VI Emission Norm?

Snapshot: India is all set to adopt BS-VI emission norm from April 2020 that could make diesel cars highly pricier.

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Indian automotive industry is all set to adopt a big change in next two years as the country is gearing up to see the implementation of BS-VI emission norm from April 2020. No wonder, this move comes as a significant effort from government in order to make the environment cleaner. But, there remains a question. Are we really ready to adopt the BS-VI emission norm? Or, Is India on the right path to adopt the new stricter norm?

While the goodwill of the Indian government is undoubtedly clear, the implementation process and strategy to introduce this stricter norm is creating quite some hassle for automakers that are present in the country. It is very much evident that Indian government is trying to copy the European countries by thriving towards BS-VI emission that is identical to the Euro-VI norm, which is presently imposed in European nations. But, while European countries gave the automakers and concerned industry sufficient time to adopt the change, auto manufacturers in India are not getting that much time to achieve the same. Auto brands in India are getting only 2-3 years of time that’s not sufficient for the proper development of the relevant technology.

Presently, cars and two-wheelers in India are being launched with BS-IV emission norm, but adopting BS-VI norm means the automakers have to skip one step to achieve the goal. But, European countries didn’t ask the companies to skip Euro-V norm. The component manufacturing industry too are not getting enough time. This lack of time to achieve the BS-VI emission norm could lead the entire industry to the hassle that we saw after the BS-III vehicles were banned in the country from April 2017.

The shift to BS-VI emission norm will surely make the cars pricier compared to now. The two–wheeler market too will be affected as pricing of the motorcycles and scooters will be much higher after the implementation of new norm.

The diesel cars will see a large hike in pricing, which will surely affect the sales of diesel models here. Several automakers have already indicated that diesel cars will see significant price hike under BS-VI emission norm as the development process of these engines are much costlier than petrol motors.

Despite the growing number of petrol car sales and decreasing diesel car sales in India, still many buyers opt for diesel powered models. That segment of buyers will be hit hard due to the higher price of diesel cars, while the sales of SUVs and large vehicles could see a drop as they are generally preferred with diesel engines by the Indian customers.

When government announced that India will adopt BS-VI emission norm from April 2020, several auto manufacturers appealed for an extended time. But, the government has been adamant so far. Speaking about the BS-VI emission norms, currently the whole country uses BS-IV compliant fuel. No wonder, the oil companies are claiming that they will be ready by April 2020 to supply cleaner BS-VI fuel, but what if they fail? So far, no plan-B is there from the government that could answer this question.

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