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It is time we improve out traffic sense and stop this Indian traffic Hooliganism

Snapshot: Our traffic management is such that anything happens in Gurgaon it affects traffic till Delhi and the situation is same everywhere in any region of the NCR.

Why is it that every four seconds a person dies on Indian roads? Is it because we do not have safe vehicles? I mean, the vehicles manufactured in India that are used by a larger population percentage are below the safety standards? Or our traffic sense is as bad as our roads? What is it that we need to look at? What is the first thing that we need to improve?

I recently attended a conference held in Delhi on the same concern and I have to admit I got to know about point of views of different people from a police officer to a political leader and it is very important that all the points discussed needs to be addressed to the common people.

We are producing a larger number of vehicles, you will find that most of the cars running on roads has only a single occupant and rest of the seats are empty. Why can’t we make a law that every family should not own more than a single car? It seems like Delhi’s traffic is multiplying day by day. Our traffic management is such that anything happens in Gurgaon it affects traffic till Delhi and the situation is same everywhere in any region of the NCR.

Gurgaon is famous for traffic jams and specially the 8-lane Delhi-Jaipur highway, every morning I have to drive on the same to make my way to office and most of the days I found myself crawling through traffic gaps to reach office as soon as I can. And may god have mercy on you if you are travelling through Gurgaon and its raining. You will wish you had a boat instead of your car or bike, and you will have to wait for hours just to cover a kilometre or less. This is actually the peak time when things can actually be controlled or else there will be no time left and our future generation will have to pay for our negligence. We have same streets, same roads, and same highways, even though we are trying to broaden everything but the pace at which new cars and vehicles are being sold is 10 times the rate of our road development.

And it is obvious that if traffic will increase so will the accidents. Since the last decade the number of accidents recorded has gone up in an alarming manner. As I mentioned earlier, every four seconds a person dies on Indian roads. When will it stop? How can we stop it? We cannot put an end to it if we don’t stop blaming authorities and if we don’t stop pointing fingers at each other. No matter how strict the authorities get, we cannot maintain balance as long as we keep neglecting the things we are doing presently.

According to the reports, Delhi government will be coming up with super luxury buses equipped with all the luxury features your car has. This has been decided to make you use public transport and reduce burden on the roads. And for those who cannot survive without their personal transportation they’ll have to understand the importance of traffic rules. One of the most important point brought up in the conference by a lady was that, “while going to office, we spend enough time getting ourselves ready, brushing hairs and eating breakfast. But as soon as we get on the road we want to do a 30 minutes journey in 15. And a 15 minutes journey in 10. Why is that? Why can’t we give enough time on road and actually drive responsively without jumping lights and causing inconvenience everywhere we can. Why is it so hard for us?”

Next time you get struck in a jam, instead of blaming the traffic police man trying to handle the situation, be responsible and be patient and try not to go in every gap you see. You might get late by some more time but it will be for a greater good.  

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