Kawasaki 'J' concept a glimpse of future

Kawasaki 'J' concept a glimpse of future

Snapshot: If you liked watching Tron bikes, you will definitely fall in love with the 'J' concept from Kawasaki

First showcased at Tokyo Motor Show, 2013 and then at Intermot Show in Cologne, Germany, 2014, this ‘J’ concept vehicle is claimed to be an imaginative and far-sighted look at the future of urban and suburban personal transport, as explained by Kawasaki officials. They share the fact that this prototype of J concept gives a good insight into futuristic transportation technology. We bet this is something that hasn't been seen ever before, and simply by having a glimpse of it, you are left drooling.

The ‘J’ Concept vehicle is supposed to be powered by Kawasaki's GIGACELL battery, which is a high capacity nickel-metal hydride battery. Charging and discharging of this battery is as quick as a super capacitor, it might resembles to the technology used by Bolloré. Running at cooler temperature plus being non-flammable makes it safer to use. The fact that toxic components like lithium is not used in its construction; it would make its recycling easy and environmentally friendly. It is capable of storing electricity in large amount. There is no specs-sheet available for J concept till now. Its design might be similar to the Piaggio MP3 maxi-scooter because the J concept features 2 narrow front wheels and single wide wheel at the rear. But unlike the MP3, ‘J’ concept would feature two modes of riding, a comfort mode and a sport mode. It would be able to transform from a comfortable riding position to a racing position. Adaptable riding position of J concept makes it irresistible.

The adjustable track of the twin front wheels are wide apart in the comfort mode that offers the rider a greater stability and a conventional upright position for riding.  While in the sport mode, aerodynamically set riding position comes into play. The front track narrows, it offers the rider to sit close to the vehicle for racing and sport riding.

 “While this remains a concept vehicle it is certainly a tempting insight into way that diverse technology currently under development at Kawasaki Heavy Industries could work in a harmonized and complimentary way,” said Kawasaki Motors Europe Managing Director, Yasushi Kawakami.

We can only wish to ride over this beast as there’s no sign that ‘J’ is likely to move beyond the concept stage at least for now.

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on 2015-02-27 02:08:57

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