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Laser Headlight Tech arrives into Motorcycles courtesy BMW!

Laser Headlight Tech arrives into Motorcycles courtesy BMW!

Snapshot: Ultra Cool and Nerdy Laser Headlights showcased on BMW K1600GTL at 2016 CES!

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James Bond anyone? Especially of the motorcycle kind? Well, we hope you would be aware of the fact that the laser headlight tech isn't exactly unheard of in the automobile industry, infact, BMW is using this tech in its cars such as the new 7 Series and the BMW's electric eye candy, the i8. And as our colleagues from tell us, they are indeed spectacularly nerdy and incredible. So, it was just a matter of time when someone from BMW Motorrad ventured into the car division and packed one of these sci-fi thingies for himself and we suspect there was a flagship BMW K1600GTL also involved.

Currently showing off its curves and appeal at the 2016 CES, a concept BMW K1600GTL has been displayed with a hi-tech Laser Headlight assembly and though we aren't expecting such tech to arrive at a commuter around us anytime soon, but it still it has got us psyched and why should cars have all the fun?

If you are still wondering what this tech is all about and why we should be caring then you probably haven't been following the news regarding the same at (which you should be doing guys, we know you love bikes, but cars need your love too). Now, the Laser Headlight tech is said to be the future of automotive lighting and as per BMW it has got some real benefits above LED headlight technology.

The Laser headlight tech uses way lesser power as compared to a comparable LED system, half of it to be precise. You also get a  brighter and truer white light as compared to the conventional headlight designs and then there is also a possibility of a longer high-beam throw distance up to a staggering 600m, more than double of what the conventional lamps can possibly achieve. Furthermore, with Laser headlights, you can achieve a  far more accurate throw of light with much much less bleed meaning that the oncoming traffic and the living things that have got eyes wouldn't be bother by such high powered bright stream of light. It is something that makes this tech an extreme necessity in driving conditions such as in our country where almost everyone with a headlight switch in access seem oblivious to the existence of a low beam switch in their vehicles.

For those who wonder how this tech works, there is a small short non-technical explanation of it. In a laser headlight assembly, an intense beam  of blue laser light is fired into a set of mirrors designed to focus the laser beam on a lens containing yellow phosphorus. This intense energy from the laser ends up exciting the yellow phosphorus contained in the lens thereby, emitting a pure and bright white light beam which is then directed out the front of the headlight assembly. Thus essentially the headlight tech is powered by the laser light and does not use the laser light directly. But, then Laser Headlight sounds much cooler than Laser Powered Headlight, does it not?

All this hi-tech engineering and concepts aside, BMW says the tech is still too expensive to be out into production and in an industry where the LED headlight tech is still a niche wow inducer, expecting this tech to arrive into mainstream motorcycle industry anytime soon seems a bit too optimistic. Especially when we the consumer and the manufacturers alike are content with headlights that are mostly an afterthought and more like a cost saving measure.

Nevertheless, it is heartening to see that manufacturers like BMW are keen to utilize the latest of the tech the automobile world has to offer in motorcycles since traditionally, motorcycles get tech much later than their four wheeled counterparts!

Bravo BMW Motorrad Bravo!!

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