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Long Term Review of Driving with Apollo Alnac 4G Car Tyre

Long Term Review of Driving with Apollo Alnac 4G Car Tyre

Snapshot: Here is a long term review of driving with Apollo Alnac 4G car tyre. We decided to give the Alnac 4G a try on Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2017, which came grossly under-tyred.

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Tyres play a critical role in a vehicle's performance. A good tyre will keep your vehicle planted on the road when the going gets tough. Generally, stock tyres on new cars provide durable performance, but not much grip or high-speed stability. In part, this is due to stricter eco-labelling norms coming into effect, and it also helps OEMs in keeping the costs down.

That's why it surprised us when we heard that major OEMs in India are offering the Apollo Alnac 4G as stock on some models. The Alnac 4G is a high-performance car tyre, known for its superior grip, ride quality and handling.

We decided to give the Alnac 4G a try on our in-house Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2017, which came grossly under-tyred.

About the Car

The New Dzire drops the Swift moniker from its name and about 100 kilos in weight. Ours is the top-spec diesel, which has a quite powerful 1.3-litre engine. The stock tyres on the Dzire are excellent for daily use and deliver the promised 26 km/pl with careful use. But a sense of uncertainty creeps in when you are driving on the highways or in bad weather.

About the Apollo Tyre

The Alnac 4G is quite a popular choice among car owners, especially the hatchback and mid-size sedan lovers. The tyre has a stiffer rib at the centre and an optimised contact patch that ensures better grip and high-precision steering. Perhaps that is the reason why OEMs are spec’ing their top-variants with this tyre.

So, after a trip to an Apollo Tyres dealer near us, we were ready for our testing.

Initial Impressions

Usually, upgrading to a different set of tyres can cause the steering to become a bit heavy. With the Alnac 4G, we expected that to be a good thing because the Dzire has one of the lightest steerings in its segment. The difference was minimal but added just the right amount of firmness to the steering.

Apollo Alnac 4G Tyre

However, the first thing we noticed was the immediate improvement in hard braking. Apollo has done some excellent work with its materials and the rubber compound in Alnac 4G bears our testimony. Braking distance also dropped between 10-15% on different road surfaces. We were especially impressed by the Alnac 4G on wet surfaces, where the ABS felt more responsive.

So, we decided to keep the Alnac 4G as our daily driver for a more in-depth review of this excellent car tyre.

Long-term Review

We have done close to 20,000 kilometres at the time of writing this review. We drove with the Alnac 4G over the hills and across valleys in our quest for creating the ultimate analysis. So, we will be upfront about it, Apollo has really impressed us with the Alnac 4G.

On Wet Roads

The tyre continued to perform admirably on wet surfaces, even after some tread wear. The unique tread design significantly reduces the chances of aquaplaning.


While the Dzire is not as agile as its hatchback sibling, the Swift, cornering with Alnac 4G felt much better. There is some understeer at hard bends but then this is a mass-market product we are talking about.

Tyre Noise

Tyre noise was at acceptable levels, given that the new Dzire is a lightweight vehicle with average soundproofing.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel economy was also at par with our stock tyre experience. But in this case, a different driving style may yield different results, so no promises there.

Driving Comfort

Ride quality with the Alnac 4G is definitely better than the stock tyres as they offer better cushioning from speed bumps and potholes. If you have a relaxed driving style, the tyres are definitely for you.

Apollo Alnac 4G Tyre Review

Tyre Life

Lastly, the mileage is also quite good. The tyres have almost 80% of the tread left, which means they are good for another 30,000 to 40,000 kilometres.

An Affordable Performance Tyre for the Mass Market

That's our verdict for the Alnac 4G. Priced at around Rs. 4,500 on online platforms, the Alnac 4G offers a balanced mix of features for mass-market cars like the Dzire. The tyre provides a meaningful upgrade from stock tyres at a reasonable price.

If you are planning to upgrade car tyres soon, it would be prudent to check out Exchange Offers at the nearest Apollo Dealer or on their website.

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