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Maintenance Guide - Basic Tips to Maintain Electric Bikes

Maintenance Guide - Basic Tips to Maintain Electric Bikes

Snapshot: Bikes offer an interesting kind of adventure, and riding it on a cool breezy day is mind blowing. Bike enthusiasts who are going to or have planned an amazing holiday, should take note of these maintenance tips, to just not get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

The bike market in India is steady and mostly popular among the young adventurous demographic. Bikes offer an interesting kind of adventure, and riding it on a cool breezy day is mind blowing. Bike enthusiasts who are going to or have planned an amazing holiday, should take note of these maintenance tips, to just not get stuck in the middle of nowhere. 

To make your bike ride as enjoyable as possible, take note of electrical maintenance tips below: 


Owners should regularly check their battery, to ensure that there are no leaks, the importance of a battery check up lies in the aftermath effect. If water enters into the battery, then it becomes non functional due to rust collection. Also check the status of fuse, the phrase fuse is frequently used, but only a handful takes cognizance. A fuse is a kind of low resistance resistor that protects the onset of over current. Not many are aware that a faulty fuse affects bike performance. Always maintain a spare fuse and discard the old one. Below is the precaution in this regard - 

There are certain precautions that have to be followed, wear gloves for optimum protection from the action of electrolytes while changing battery and refilling the tank with distilled water. If you are not going to use your bike for a while, then just take off the battery, and safeguard it in areas that can be easily reached such as a cardboard surface or plastic box. 


Bikers wipe every inch of their bike to the brim, to create a sparkling finish, but not many are aware of the status of horn and headlights. It is not the first thing that surfaces while maintaining a bike. It is important to study the nature of horn and headlight for effective upkeep. Before starting your bike always check the nature of taillights, indicators and headlights and turn indicators. Spend some time cleaning these parts; it is crucial for adequate safety, for the simple reason that clean headlights offer greater visibility. If left untouched for long, then dust collects and visibility is shielded. Every light component has to be checked and cleaned, especially for bikers who have night shifts. The street light situation in India is not always functional, which makes it all the more important to check and clean light parts. 

Check the condition of lenses
As you clean your headlights, it is crucial to test the quality of lens; a clean lens will appear crystal clear and ensure that there are no yellow stains. It is essential to adequately monitor the cleanliness nature of lens, because we are living in an era that is packed with industrialization, which has paved way for pollution and dust particles are stacked at every inch of Indian roads. After thorough cleaning of all light parts, it is vital to check brightness levels, because it can differ, even after methodical cleaning. It may sound baffling, but it is true, the answer lies in the nature of the bulb. The condition of bulb can be analyzed through the turn indicator that reflects low and high intensity beam light. Ensure that the low intensity beam yields sufficient brightness and the intensity should only increase on high intensity beam. 

Check the Horn

It is critical to check the nature of horn, and measure the frequency of sound, if faint, it has to be replaced. Apart from checking the sound intensity, there are other ways to find out if the horn is in its adequate functioning state. Check the wiring and make sure it is properly fixed, also monitor the condition of fuse, a worn out fuse is one of the reasons for a malfunctioning horn. Clean the horn with dry cloth, to completely remove dust and dirt. 

Electrical System
Owners rarely look into the electrical system of a bike; a proper electrical system is needed for smooth bike moment. It is difficult to predict the optimum functioning of electrical system, and bikers are most of the time confused on how to preserve the electrical system. Wash your bike gently and do not apply intense pressure, and second check the exterior wiring for cracks.

If there is a crack on the cable, just replace it and do not bother to mend it, stack the loose wire together, to increase strength. Also watch out for wiring that is close to heat source such as motor or exhaust. Bike fanatics who enjoy biking under any weather circumstance can purchase a trickle charger. A trickle charger is not the regular charger; it is placed on a fully charged battery. Now what is the beneficial outcome of a trickle charger, it maintains the optimum status of battery and allows no room for low charge.

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