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Maintenance guide - How to maximise fuel efficiency?

Maintenance guide - How to maximise fuel efficiency?

Snapshot: Here are few tips to improve your driving technique so you get better fuel economy.

Your driving pattern and how you take care of your car can have a huge effect on how much fuel the car is consuming. Here are some top tips that will see you driving past fuel pumps more often.

Well-maintained car
Make sure the car is services as per the schedule. Regular car check-up - oil change, air-filter change and spark plug replacements , will increase the life of the car and also improve fuel economy and minimize emissions.

Proper inflated tyres
It is advisable to keep the tyres properly inflated and aligned. This helps in saving fuel. Switch to low rolling resistance tyres is possible. Low rolling resistance tyres are expensive, but according to their makers, the advantages are significant, especially when it comes to fuel efficiency. Michelin sells such tyres in India and we found that they coast longer than regular tyres, which in itself is an indication of reduced friction and increased fuel efficiency/economy. So for city use, these seem like a good buy. However the percentage increment in fuel economy by using  a low rolling resistance tyre compared to other alternatives isn't in line with the extra price you pay for such tyres.

Shut it
Opening windows, even a crack at high speed can ruin a car’s fuel efficiency. Contrary to popular belief, wind the windows up and switch the AC on. Trust us, you’ll save fuel.

Lighten up
Cars consume more fuel when they're heavier. Keep the boot empty and clean and watch the fuel gauge become more stable as your pocket stays heavier.

Don't stay idle
A car idling burns fuel without really going anywhere, i e 0kmpl. Get a car with Start-Stop tech. Otherwise, just switch it off.

All geared up
With a manual gearbox, shift to highest gear without letting the engine knocking quickly. Shifting gears at 1500-2000rpm gives the best mix of speed and efficiency. An automatic gearbox sets you free from shifting gears yourself. Though the engine must work a little harder and use more fuel to transmit power through an automatic than a manual.

Smooth operator
Be smooth with the car’s controls. Rough acceleration is thrilling but will cost you dearly.

Don't drive if you don't need
If your destination is within walking distance, let the car stay in the garage and its keys on the hanger. Instead, leg it. You'll save fuel since one long trip consumes less fuel than starting and shutting the engine several times on multiple short trips. Also if you have to visit a crowded place, like the heart of the town or a market, park your car as soon you can rather than wasting fuel hunting for a spot that will be close enough in all that congestion. As an added benefit you will also end up working some exercise into your lifestyle.

Calculating fuel economy
Keep a track of fuel economy by noticing the odometer ready and the number of litres you fill up every time. In order to calculate the fuel economy, divide the number of kilometres travelled between fill-ups by the number of litres bought. This will help you keep a track of your fuel efficiency, which can help you see driving habits that are impacting the fuel economy.

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