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Maruti Suzuki Ciaz vs 2017 Dzire

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz vs 2017 Dzire

Snapshot: Maruti Suzuki is on a roll with frugal and feature packed family sedans. The newest Dzire is gaining a lot of interest among buyers, but across the road Nexa showrooms too are making a case for themselves. Spending more will fetch you more car, but do you necessary want it?

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When it comes to fuel efficiency, cost of ownership, a detailed service network and reliability, no other brand can outrun Maruti Suzuki in India. One of the oldest successful brands operating in India has a host of fun and affordable cars ranging from tiny city runabout to a compact SUV catering to the most amount of audience. Your Dad drove to drop you to school, your mother took you to the mall in the other and now you are planning to buy one of your own. The latest feature packed market spotlight is the 2017 Dzire. It claims the biggest fuel efficiency numbers, an upgraded catchy design and a functionally equipped cabin. But since you’ve decided to buy one, the same brand offers you another family sedan, the Ciaz, which is equally enticing and still way fuel efficient than most rivals. Here’s the break up you need to think about while choosing which one.

Pricing (all prices ex showroom Delhi)

The first reason of you being here is that the pricing between these models is an overlapping Venn diagram with mid range Dzire matching the base Ciaz models. And remember the premium on the Ciaz is outweighed by the benefits it offers. It is the classier choice off the two and looks the part. But the Dzire is so evenly matched in capabilities that spending more on the Ciaz might feel a waste to half the people. The chart here shows the proximity of the prices relative between mid level models of the Dzire versus base models of the Ciaz. We have not included the automatic version of the Dzire because of preferences tilting towards manual gearboxes for most buyers. But be advised, AMT version too sit in the middle of the displayed chart. On a broader scale, you can have a base Ciaz for the price of a mid level Dzire based on your choice.


Both these cars offer petrol (1.4litre on Ciaz vs 1.2litre on Dzire) and 1.3litre diesel engine options with automatic or AGS gearbox on petrol versions. The new Dzire however goes one better with Auto-Gear-Shift on the diesel variants as well. The Ciaz wins the power and torque game marginally by producing 9.4bhp more on the petrol version 14.8bhp more on the diesel. Peak torque production too is higher on the Ciaz by 10Nm which does not look like much but the Ciaz generates peak 250rpm lower than the Dzire. This means an easier spinning engine and lesser downshifts required. A point to note here is that Ciaz’s diesel engine comes with Smart Hybrid technology which makes it kinder to the environment and your pocket. But those Micro Hybrid subsidies will soon subside as Government will soon be giving more preference to EVs than Hybrids. Expect prices of the Ciaz SHVS to rise soon, so if you want one now is a good time to bank on these subsidies.

Fuel efficiency

One of the key achievements of the new 2017 Dzire is massive claimed fuel efficiency figure it boasts of. 28.4kmpl for the diesel, in both manual and AMT formats, and a generous 22kmpl for the petrol manual and AMT is a tough one to beat. But the Ciaz never lags behind. The Smart Hybrid diesels match it with claimed 28.09kmpl figures, and the 19.12kmpl from the petrol is still way ahead of any of its rivals. If you have a lot of driving to be dealt with daily and efficiency if of prime importance to you backed up by convenience, then definitely the Dzire is the one to choose. People who can deal with slightly lesser in lieu for more class and quality, Ciaz is unbeatable.


The dimensional differences between both these cars is minimal but with a peculiar difference. The Ciaz is longer and sits 7mm higher above the ground than the Dzire. On the other hand the Dzire is a taller and wider car in comparison. Ciaz utilises this longer wheelbase by more knee room for the rear passengers, a 134 litre bigger boot (that is a lot) and a 6 litre bigger fuel tank. The Dzire garners more points with a taller body giving a more airy feeling to the cabin with accommodation for 3 abreast passengers in the rear with ease. There you have it; Dzire is more a workhorse than the svelte Ciaz which is more luxurious.

As far as features are concerned, we will suggest you to scroll through our model pages for the detailed summary for both the cars. The newer Maruti cars come equipped with all necessary convenience and safety features depending upon the variants you choose. This means a base level Ciaz will mostly sport all features available in a mid spec Dzire. ABS with EBD and dual front airbags are standard features on both these family sedans. Our suggestion will always be to go to a showroom and test drive cars yourself for a deeper understanding. Choosing between these two is a matter of personal taste. The 2017 Dzire is so good that it is able to offer everything a sedan has in a level above. But if you want to pamper yourself, head to the Nexa dealership.

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