Meet the orgasmic BMW S1000RR based Optimus Praëm

Meet the orgasmic BMW S1000RR based Optimus Praëm

Snapshot: Suzuka 8 Hour, Alexander Calder BMW 3.0 CSL and Suzuki XR69 served as an inspiration to the gorgeous Optimus Praëm.

We all know that the BMW S1000RR took the world by storm when it was introduced. There was nothing in the world of supersports that could match up to it performance, its alluring looks and the cult it created. Even today the S1000RR is considered to be among one of the most aggressive machines ever made. It reflects the level of perfection we humans can achieve, it raised the competition to such a level that even today most of its competitors are working day and night to match up to its level.

So what happens when someone announces to make it even cooler? Well, not in the real world, at least that’s what every one’s reaction should be! But after watching how it turned out, we were thrilled to see the results to be true. Mixing inspirations and doing what you believe in is the answer to anyone asking ‘how on earth can someone create a beauty like this?’

Praëm, a Paris-based custom house run by two brothers decided to work on the BMW S1000RR in collaboration with BMW Motorrad France. Both Sylvain and Florent Berneron were huge admirers of this machine and so they finally decided to bring this project to life irrespective of the resources available to them. Their custom house, Praëm is famous for building retro inspired endurance racing machines and looking at the beautiful Optimus Praëm we know how capable this custom house is!

The initial inspiration for the Optimus Praëm came from Suzuka 8 Hour that made the pair to completely shrug off the stock fairing and replace it with the redesigned hand-made semi-fairing finished in a paint scheme that is inspired from Alexander Calder BMW 3.0 CSL.  At the back, the bike gets a new subframe that is underpinned on the Suzuki XR69 inspired tail section. Apart from the tail section, its fuel tank is also modified which now boasts a Stäubli endurance-style quick-fill fuel cap system.

The duo decided not to play on the performance part as the bike already is engineered to its peak and hence nothing much has been updated on Optimus Praëm for performance. It gets a full AkrapoviДЌ exhaust system, a new endurance-spec radiator and Rotobox carbon wheels. All of the above performance updates reduces the over-all weight of the machine and adds some extra horses. All of the updates done on the motorcycle, whether it’s on the visuals or the mechanicals has not altered the bike’s performance and hence Optimus Praëm still stays faithful to BMW S1000RR true racing philosophy. Talking to Bike Exif, Sylvain says “This is about performance and style, not just style”. To prove this, the brothers gave the bike a good thrashing around Circuit Paul Ricard in France. It looks right at home on the track, and probably ended up scaring quite a few of the track-day regulars.”

Optimus Praëm is not open for sale but in case you want your S1000RR to look like the Optimus, you can directly get in contact with the French custom house and they will make it for you. Hope you liked reading about it, share your views on the same in the comment section below and in case of queries hit us directly at

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