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Memorable bike commercials from the past

Memorable bike commercials from the past

Snapshot: The TV commercials of the past that make us reminiscent of the past.

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The unhappiest one, is the one who always remembers, said the Danish Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. Well agreed, that one is bound to feel nostalgic thinking things of the past if one has had an eventful life. I seriously have no intentions of interlarding this article with any more philosophers’ apothegms. It was just one maxim that I thought made sense in this context. You may or may not agree with what the philosopher said but you would surely agree that we experience things in our day to day life that leave an indelible mark on our memory and it is exactly these things, when experienced again in future, at the time when one has absolutely forgotten them, one looks at them as something that is reminiscent of the past.

One such thing is – Advertisements. Those advertisements, of which, one could not get enough of, no matter how many times one has already watched them. We all had some personal favourites that we watched till we felt washed-out.

We have made a list of such advertisements from the motorcycle industry, the ones that were popular sometime back. We are sure you would remember a few and could fondly associate with them in one way or another.

Suzuki Samurai – No problem bike
Suzuki Samurai would probably be remembered for popularizing the expression – “No Problem”. Samurai was a two-stroke, 100cc motorcycle that was launched in the year 1994. The bike became immensely popular among youngsters and middle-aged people alike. In the advertisement, there’s this Japanese guy who does not know much English and keeps repeating “No Problem” to whatever is being said to him. A result of miscommunication and sweeping assumptions – The Indian guy takes the bike for a spin with the consent of the Japanese guy, which does not event belong to him! The real owner on seeing his bike ridden away, chases the guy furiously, thinking that the bike’s gone forever. To jog your memory, click on the link below to watch the advertisement.  

Hero Honda Karizma – Jet Set Go
The Karizma was a collaborative effort of the Hero and Honda. The bike used a 223cc engine and was one of the most powerful motorcycle in those days if we do not take into account the ones from the Royal Enfield. When launched in 2003, the advertisement featured Hrithik Roshan, who gets chased by an airplane while he is riding the motorcycle. The airplane clicks the photographs and streams them directly to the airbase raising the curiosity of the people. In the advertisement, you would see that Hrithik finally reaches the airbase, keeps mum and does not reveal until the very end, that it was him who was riding the swanky motorcycle. But we know the secret, don’t we? 

Hero Honda CBZ
I had myself forgotten about this advertisement of the CBZ and almost skipped it from this list. Credit goes to one of my colleague who reminded me of it. CBZ was the leader in the 150cc motorcycle segment for a very long time. In the advertisement, a guy who is presumably the younger brother of Dino Morea (who own the CBZ in the advertisement), takes it for a spin while Dino is still sleeping.  While riding, the guy overtakes the two ladies in their car. The ladies get amazed while the rider is overtaking. What follows is a heroic act in which the guy saves a cat by the use of disc brake. Thoroughly impressed with the bike and perhaps the rider too, the ladies get acquainted with the rider and the guy provides a ride to one of the ladies. In the morning, Dino discovers that some ladies (whom he does not know) are waving at him, but only to discover that they are actually waving at his brother for they had discovered his brother’s driving skills previous night.  

Bajaj Pulsar - Series
The Pulsar was the brand that established Bajaj in the motorcycle segment and with years, made it, what it is today. It’s a well established fact that Bajaj has made some of the best motorcycle advertisements. An attempt to describe them in words would be like taking away from them - Their Sheer Beauty. Some of the best advertisements that Bajaj made are perhaps the following.

The Pulsar Mania – The advertisement features several riders who perform various stunts over a span of two minutes. The background music complements the advertisement during the entire duration. 

Pulsar 220 DTS Fi – The advertisement was less of itself and more of a chest thumping exercise in which Bajaj claims that they are getting ahead of themselves (Does not sound right in English though). The advertisement uses the old tagline from the scooter advertisement “Humara Bajaj” and certainly evokes very strong emotions reminding of the journey of Bajaj.

Kawasaki Bajaj Wind 125
The Bajaj Wind 125 was a commuter bike that was pitched as a world bike. Justifying the bike’s name is a lazy guy who does not even remove clothes while taking the morning shower. He gets on the motorcycle and rides it on the winding roads of some exotic city. The clothes dry as the guy reaches his destination. But, there’s limitation to the wind drying your clothes while you ride on the bike. The guy’s posterior is still wet even after the long ride, and a lady sees it and discovers a flaw in an otherwise flawless man.

Hero Honda – Dhak Dhak
The Dhak Dhak advertisement from the Hero Honda was an attempt to unify human emotions with the machines they use. The advertisement features an entire range of emotions in which people of all age groups from various parts of the country, come together to make Hero Honda look like the country’s most beloved brand. 

TVS Apache – It’s now or never
The advertisement delivers a simple message “Enjoy your life while you are still young”, before you get burdened with responsibilities that generally come as one grows older. It looks at all stereotypical roles – husbands, office employees, parents etc. with mild disdain and suggests that riding the Apache with your girlfriend is the pillion seat is one of the best way to enjoy the youthful days. If you still can’t remember the advertisement, you can watch it below. 

Did you know that the Pulsar 200NS has more going for it that you think?

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