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MG Hector - The Smartest & Suavest SUV to Hit Indian Roads

MG Hector - The Smartest & Suavest SUV to Hit Indian Roads

Snapshot: MG Hector SUV is the most technologically advanced vehicle to be launched in the Indian market with never-seen-before tech features and infotainment system.

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MG Hector is launching in India next month. Is it the Smartest SUV to hit Indian roads? Let's find out.

The Indian market has witnessed a tremendous surge in the sales of SUVs from the past couple of years, which has propelled several automakers across the globe to launch its products in the country. And, the latest entrant is the British marque Morris Garages or MG Motor as fondly called by the auto aficionados. Although, the full-sized SUV segment is not a huge volume churner (in the range of 20,000-25,000 units monthly) still it accounts for decent numbers and buyers are ready to loosen up their pockets. So, MG Motor India will start the proceedings with the Hector SUV, which is a re-engineered and re-badged version of Baojun 530 sold in the Chinese market. 

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It was around August last year when all the speculations were put to rest by MG Motor when it officially announced to enter the Indian market. The company has showcased immense belligerence by forming several strategic partnerships in the country with leading connectivity management platforms, finance and banking solutions, and even inaugurating a state-of-the-art corporate office in Gurugram. The British brand also organised a multi-city programme across the nation to display its range of vehicles to prospective customers. And, if all this wasn't enough to consolidate its footprint and attract buyers, MG Motor announced ace British actor Benedict Cumberbatch as its brand ambassador.

Nearly a month back, MG Motor shared several details of the Hector SUV in an event held in New Delhi. First things first, MG Hector features and technologies are staggering. It was then when the world got to know that Hector will debut a never-seen-before technology in the Indian market. Being christened as 'iSmart Next Gen' and created in association with several renowned global technological firms, MG Hector is projected as the first internet car in India which will redefine connected car mobility. But will it really? And, the answer is YES, upto a great extent it will. While the people in India are still using 4G data, Hector is a step ahead with Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) ready for 5G. The stakes are rather low if India would get 5G high-speed internet before 2022, but MG Hector already comes with it, which clearly states how smartly it has been developed and engineered.

  • India’s first Internet Car

The iSmart Next-gen infotainment system consists of a mammoth 10.4-inch full HD touchscreen unit and is pre-loaded with tons of entertainment. It is designed in a manner so that it can withstand inclement weather conditions in India. Such is the brilliance of the company engineers that the whole SUV can be controlled by the driver in just one touch or voice command. Furthermore, the first-in-India Machine to Machine (M2M) SIM, being developed by Unlimit in partnership with Cisco and Airtel, is integrated with the iSmart unit to ensure the Hector stays connected anytime and anywhere. Owing to the aforementioned e-SIM, the Hector will become the first model in India upon its launch to provide OTA (Over The Air) updates, similar to what we see on Smartphones and Tablets. Advanced much, eh?

  • Battling Emergency with Ease

Secondly, MG Hector boasts of an emergency calling feature, christened as 'E-Call', which works efficiently to reduce casualties and fatalities in case of a collision. Once the airbags are deployed the E-Call comes into action and sends a message to 'Pulse Hub' with the vehicle's exact location. For those wondering, Pulse Hub is MG Motors' 24X7 customer care centre where a response team is always active to intercept such emergency messages. Pulse Hub not only facilitates E-Sim emergency service but also the concierge services through the 'I-Call' feature. Therefore, the impeccable duo of 'E-Call' and 'I-Call' make the MG Hector smarter than its rivals in the Indian market.

  • MG Hector is the new guide

Thirdly, MG Hector is equipped with a 360-degree camera system, embedded maps and navigation system. As a matter of fact, it is the first and only car in India to receive TomTom’s ‘IQ Maps’ worldwide, which take the help of artificial intelligence (AI) to update the maps to find the driver best route. In fact, the maps of the areas where the vehicle is driven frequently by the driver are updated on priority. The maps keep getting updated automatically when the relevant update is available. Also, one can also download the maps via the Wi-Fi on the phone and later transfer them to the vehicle. The engineers at the company have really worked their heart out and there shouldn't be a dilemma in propounding that the MG Hector will be the most technological advance SUV in India. Almost a revolution in the field of connected car solutions!

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MG Hector India launch is scheduled in June 2019 with bookings commencing from May 15, 2019 across the authorized dealerships in the country. Our MG Hector review will be out soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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