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Top fuel efficient petrol cars from each manufacturer under Rs.10lakh

Top fuel efficient petrol cars from each manufacturer under Rs.10lakh

Snapshot: With fuel prices soaring through the roof, buyers focus stronger on fuel efficiency numbers. Here is a list of top fuel efficient cars from all manufacturers under the price bracket of Rs 10lakh.

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Fuel prices, be it petrol or diesel, nowadays are literally invading your pockets and drilling a substantial hole in them. Current prices of Rs 74.40 per litre for petrol and Rs 65.65 per litre for diesel are rated as eye-popping all time high with no sign of relief any time soon. With you paying tax on even clean breathing air these days, relief on fuel subsidy is something ma government should look at. Partly because commuters are already suffering sitting in massive jams, and partly because many would still not accept public transport as a reliable means of commute. Anyhow, the best you can do is at least buy a car that sips less off your wallet. Here is an ARAI certified list of the most fuel efficient cars per manufacturer.

Renault Kwid 800: 25.17kmpl*

Surprise surprise, top of the fuel efficiency list isn’t a Maruti. We were all quite refreshed to see a small car which completely broke the usual from Renault. The butch looking Kwid carried its genes from the bigger Duster, and not just cosmetically. Ride quality on the Kwid is exceptional for something in this price bracket and a touch-screen on offer just sweetens the deal endlessly.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800: 24.7kmpl*

Alto has been a cornerstone as a dependable and comfortable mode of transport for thousands of families. Its spacious cabin, adequate air conditioner, low maintenance and reliability make it an ideal first car to graduate from a two wheeler. However, Maruti was not just going to sit and not make new updates. Designing has been made attractive along with a very frugal yet enjoyable engine.

Tata Nano GenX: 23.6kmpl*

Starting as a PR nightmare for Tata with its ‘lakhtakiya’ moniker, looking past that the product is actually wondrous. Nano in its GenX avatar is a very smart city car with lots features, an easy to drive setup and surprisingly spacious cabin. With parking troubles least of your considerations and rare visits to the fuel station, GenX makes an ideal cheap to run everyday city car.

Datsun Redi-Go 1.0 AMT: 23kmpl*

This one is a step further in convenience as it is the automatic version that is more fuel efficient. Redi-Go AMT makes enough power to keep you entertained and its tall-boy design liberates a very spacious cabin for taller passengers to get comfortable or older passengers to get in and out of. Another likable feature is the completely whacky and funky appearance on the Redi-Go paired with equally exciting colours.

Hyundai EON 800: 22.03kmpl*

Eon started off as a good quality compact car which came with a lot of features to boast. But since it’s showing its age other players have bit its pie making it look boring. Don’t be put off; it still has 6.2inch touch-screen AVN system, keyless entry and comfortable seats to keep it in your consideration list. Hyundai will soon be launching a substantial face-lift which will boast even more for your money.

Nissan Micra Active: 19.49kmpl*

For somebody looking for good fit and finish, a very spacious cabin and great ride quality, Micra Active should surely be in your shortlist. It’s fun to drive too as the engine likes to be pushed and a sturdy suspension setup makes it handle rough patches with relative ease. Another positive is how well the cabin put together, even after considerable use things don’t rattle.

Volkswagen Polo 1.0: 18.78kmpl*

Polo is a keen driver’s delight with its excellent chassis and steering response. Built quality, fit and finish, design and quality, Polo just about pips every car in its segment. It does get marred by poor rear legroom and astronomical repair costs but that’s about it. Even the fuel efficiency numbers from its new 1.0l engine are good enough to shame a lot of segment competition.

Honda Brio: 18.5kmpl*

For those looking for a trouble free ownership experience, it is nearly impossible to fault the little Brio. It is extremely easy to drive, a breeze to park, very reliable and decently powered too. Its cabin is airy and has a wide viewing area from the driver’s seat. On the minus side it is short on space, barely has a boot, and neither is it high on value. Still makes an excellent everyday car if you want to burn less petrol.  

Ford Figo: 18.16kmpl*

Figo offers a lot of kit and good driving dynamics for your money. Its cabin has loads of features like MyFord Dock, SYNC AppLink, optional 6-airbags, etc are very attractive for tech savvy buyers. Then is the rev happy nature of the 1.2l petrol engine which is combined to a joyous gearbox which will indulge you every time you set out in it.

Toyota Etios Liva: 18.16kmpl*

Toyota holds its sturdy build with the Etios Liva, but it also is a very frugal car for both city and highway use. Another positive with the Liva is enormous cabin space both front and rear making all occupants comfortable even at longer journeys.

Mahindra KUV100: 18.15kmpl*

This micro SUV is a great option for somebody who occasionally has to handle very rough roads. It is comfortable, spacious and fuel efficient for daily use also going through ruts and gullies if needed. Most of all this is the only car here that offers accommodation for 3 people up front and 3 in the rear. Though not advisable, if you do have to carry 6, this is your only option as a sub-4 metre car.

Fiat Avventura: 17.1kmpl*

Again a decent driver’s setup, Punto Evo is a fantastic looking crossover that handles pretty well. But that’s not all; its 1.4l turbocharged engine puts out 140bhp of maximum power and 210Nm peak torque. Also having a sub-10 second 0-100kmph sprint, it makes an impressive fuel efficiency figure. But all this oomph is at a cost, which is its price tag slightly edging above Rs 10lakh on road.

Skoda Rapid: 15.41kmpl*

Rapid is for purists who look for differentiation and a bit of attitude. And since Fabia is out of the line-up, Rapid becomes the most fuel efficient. Its 1.6l engine is not only efficient, but it also has a bucket load of torque to give you peace of mind with lesser shifts.

*: ARAI figures claimed by manufacturer

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