MotoGP Basics - Circuit Details - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

MotoGP Basics - Circuit Details - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Snapshot: So the MotoGP comes back after the summer break, and here is everything you need to know about the IndianapolisGP

It doesn't get more iconic than this, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is probably the grandest sporting venue on the planet with a seating capacity that can accommodate more than 4 lakh people. Popularly known as the Brickyard, this circuit finds it origins way back into the year 1909 when the racing started for the first time and stayed there for more than a century. Even though the first ever race that started the iconic racing heritage of the Brickyard was a motorcycle race, it took almost a 100 years before the premier class of motorcycle racing came to Indiana when in 2008 the first ever MotoGP race was raced and over the years the track infield has been modified to suit the dynamics of MotoGP racing.

Mostly covering the infield of the vast racing facility, the MotoGP race runs through a length of 4.170km consisting of a total of 16 turns out of which 10 are right hand corners and the rest 6 being left ones while the tracks longest straight is 872m long. The circuit also includes the main straight and with it the iconic brickyard and the region of turns 1 and 2 of the big circuit.

The race in 2014 was won by Marc Marquez when it became his record setting 10th successive victory in a season, he was followed by the Yamaha duo of Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Marquez also has the honours of setting the fastest lap, circuit lap record and the Pole record which all were set in 2014. The fastest lap coming with a timing of 1'31.619 and an average speed of 163.8kmph, the same was also the pole setting record timing at the Red Bull Indianapolis GP. The Circuit lap record set by Marc Marquez came in at 1'32.831 with an average speed of 161.87kmph while the fastest ever speed recorded by a MotoGP machine at the track was clocked by Ducati Rider Andrea Dovizioso who reached 345.7kmph on the main straight of the iconic American racing circuit.

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