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Myth Buster - Is Ford Servicing really expensive?

Myth Buster - Is Ford Servicing really expensive?

Snapshot: Contrary to the popular belief, Ford offers some of the really affordable after-sales service to the owners. Ford tells us how they managed to achieve this feat!

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We all have fallen for certain myths which we thought were real and passed on the same myths to our near and dear ones. In fact, myths and rumors spread more rapidly than a wildfire in a jungle. Former U.S President John Kennedy once famously quoted - “For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie but the myth.”

Some of the commonly passed on myths include the Great Wall of China myth, which states that he longest structure on Earth can be seen from the space or how a black cat crossing your path can be a bad omen. One similar myth which has been doing rounds of the industry is that Ford Motors is expensive to maintain.

Ford India is leaving no stone unturned to break this myth and for the same purpose, they invited us at their Manesar based Technical Training Centre to unravel some of the facts and debunk the myths about the cost of servicing a Ford car. Ford has deployed a number of steps from bringing down the repairing cost to adding more transparency into the service industry.

Here's how Ford is bringing the servicing cost lower and making customers happy!

Sub-Assembly of Components

Even before Ford decides to manufacture a vehicle, they work hard on breaking a component into various sub-assemblies, that makes repairing a particular component easier, without replacing the damaged part as a whole. A simple example would be the door of a car, which is susceptible to dents and scratches. In case of a dent or damage on the outer surface of the door, Ford will only replace the outer layer or outer skin, instead of advising you to replace the whole door, as most of the manufacturers do. This will lead to lower repair cost for anyone willing to repair the damaged components. Ford has successfully managed to create 850+ sub-assemblies for various parts including the starter motor, doors, headlights, bumpers etc.

Low Service Cost

While we were listening to N. Prabhu, VP, Customer Operation, Ford India, we came across some eye-opening data. N. Prabhu listed the cost of servicing the Ford cars for each year, starting from the first year of ownership to driving it for 100,000 kms.. The data was provided for all the cars including Ford Figo/Aspire, Ford Ecosport and Ford Endeavour. To our surprise, the numbers were quite low as compared to what we have heard and perceived. Here's a few examples -

1st year service cost for Ford Figo/Aspire - Rs 1463 (Petrol)

1st year service cost for Ford Endeavour - Rs 3700 (3.2 L)

For a car of this massive size, the service cost is extremely low. Even after driving the SUV for 100,000 kms, you will end up paying not more than Rs 70000 (est.) if the total service cost. Ford managed to achieve this feat by reducing the service visits - which is only once a year and providing high quality components for the car.

Ford Service Price Promise

Another way to bring more transparency to the whole service aspect of any Ford car is known as the Ford Service Price Promise. The Service Price Promise allows the customer to know the cost of periodic maintenance or parts even before booking the service at a Ford dealership. Which means, customers can know the cost of the service by entering details like the model year and kilometers reading in the Cost Calculator on the Ford website. The customers can then take a print out of the web quote and take it to the Ford dealership for complete trust and transparency.

Competitive Parts Pricing

There used to be a time when Ford cars like Ikon and Fusion were expensive to maintain and that notion is being carried out till now. The main reason for their expensive maintenance was the unavailability of components in the domestic markets. Ford is working with its supplier base to increase the levels of localization, thereby achieving competitive price points while maintaining high quality. Ford also compares itself viz-a-viz competitors pricing to understand the trend and try to lower the component's cost. According to various independent surveys of parts pricing, Ford has been rated among the most affordable against a formidable set of competitors.

Ford Genuine Parts

Ford is working tirelessly to provide Ford Genuine Parts to anyone outside authorized workshop too> Meaning, no matter if you bring your car to a Ford dealership or not, you will get your original parts with multi-brand workshops and your trusted mechanic. Coming directly from Ford, the genuine parts will cost much lesser than and external vendor in between, reducing the overall service cost. And it goes without saying why one needs a genuine part and not parts from a 3rd party manufacturer.

Service Network

Ford India is expanding at an aggressive pace in India and the current dealership outlet comprising of sales and service stands at 376 facilities, spread over 209 cities across the country. That's an impressive number by any means. Although, it's nowhere near to what some of the best-selling rivals offer, Ford is slowly but steadily moving towards their league.

We were fascinated to see how Ford is busting the myths related to servicing cost, one of the single largest buying factor for any potential buyer in the country. You have to visit Ford India website to see it for yourself. Here's the link for the same!

Ford India Service Cost Calculator!

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