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New Car Delivery Checklist: 6 Tips You Must Follow

New Car Delivery Checklist: 6 Tips You Must Follow

Snapshot: Here is a checklist that you must follow before taking delivery of your new car.

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It is festival time, and discounts are raining all over the place. Should it not be the right time to purchase your dream car? These tips should prove handy when you take delivery of your vehicle. It is better to be safe than to be sorry. An oversight can lead to a lot of inconvenience at a later stage. 

Inspect your car during the day

It could seem to be an innocuous tip, but it is worthwhile to inspect your vehicle during broad daylight. Many people take the delivery of their cars in the evening after the lights are on.

It could be an auspicious period, as well. However, you should make it a point to inspect your car in the day. The colors appear natural when viewed in sunlight. Artificial lights can alter the shades. 

Take a knowledgeable person along with you

Purchasing a car is an exhilarating feeling. Emotions can run high when you take delivery of the vehicle. Taking a neutral pair of eyes along with you can help notice things that you could have otherwise missed out. A trained mechanic should be your ideal companion when you inspect your car before taking delivery. He/she can spot a cover-up operation better than you.

External inspection is a must

You are shelling out lakhs of rupees for purchasing your dream car. It is well within your rights to ensure that you get the best product. Remember that the vehicle is not manufactured in the showroom.

6 Tips To Follow Before Buying a New Car

It is transported from the factory or warehouse. There can be minor scratches or blemishes during storage and transportation. Usually, the showrooms take care to cover up these blemishes, if any. However, you should walk around the car and look out for areas that appear repainted. 

The rubber seals around the windows and doors are the most vulnerable areas. Check out for the smallest of cracks and insist on them being replaced. The tyres are critical. Inspect the tread level and flat spots. Your companion should be able to handle this aspect better. Switch on the lights and confirm that there is no flickering of the bulbs. It indicates a wiring or battery issue.

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Internal inspection is critical

The interiors of your car are as vital as the external features. Make it a point to check the components like the steering wheel, seat belts, mirrors, and electrical fittings inside the vehicle. Most of the cars come with touchscreen infotainment systems and digital consoles. Confirm that everything is in perfect working condition.

Look out for the minute details like door pads, upholstery stitching, carpets, and the ceiling. A stain or two can indicate water seepage. 

Inspect the driving seat and adjust it according to your height and comfort. Start the engine and check for abnormal sounds. Switch on the air conditioning system to confirm that it cools the cabin quickly. A foul odor could indicate the presence of molds and bacteria. Such a system could require servicing. 

Every car comes with a spare wheel. Confirm that the dealer supplies the vehicle jack and tool kit along with the vehicle. 

Inspect what lies under the hood

Open the car bonnet and look out for loose electrical fittings. Check out the rubber hoses and tubing. Confirm that the insulation casings are perfect. A new car should have everything new in it.

A rusted or a worn-out nut or screw should also merit a replacement. Exposure to the elements of nature can cause the rusting of nuts and bolts. If there is any damage to the wiring or tubing, bring it to the knowledge of the dealer and get it replaced. 

New Car Delivery Checklist

Keep the engine on and look out for peculiar or unusual noises. The idling engine should not vibrate much. It should also not emit black fumes or smell of burnt fuel. Pay attention to the battery terminals and inspect for effects of corrosion. Insist on the battery warranty card.

A test drive should be part of your agenda

Insist on having a test drive before taking delivery. As far as possible, drive the car yourself. You will get an idea about the brakes, clutch, and accelerator settings. A test drive will also help you to identify any transmission issue.

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Your mechanic companion should be the perfect person to identify any abnormalities during the test drive. Look out if the car pulls in one direction. It could need a realignment of the wheels if it does so. The test drive is also the best time to check out the lighting, especially the side indicators, and braking lights. 

Documentation is the key

Form 22 is the perfect document to check, as it contains information such as vehicle engine number, chassis number, the month and year of its production, and other crucial details. Check out whether the engine and chassis number embossed on the vehicle tallies with the ones in Form 22.

The same numbers should be present on the invoice, bill, Registration Certificate, and the finance/lease agreements. Spelling errors can crop up, especially when it comes to your name and address. Confirm everything is in order before taking the delivery of the vehicle. 

Remember you do not get a second chance if there are any fundamental or mechanical issues with your car. It is better to be safe rather than regret later on. Go ahead and have a great time purchasing the car of your dreams. Exercising a little bit of care in the earlier stages can give you complete peace of mind. It also ends up doubling the excitement levels, as well.

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