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One Afternoon with Jaguar

One Afternoon with Jaguar

Snapshot: We got the chance to spend some time with an exciting Jaguar line-up in Delhi and here is what we experienced.

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To many people the sound seems painful to their eardrums, but to many it comes as a sweet note from a Jaguar 5.0-litre V8 engine. Jaguar brought its ‘Art of Performance Tour’ to Delhi and we got a chance to experience it all in their true self, from the mighty mean machine F-Type SVR to the grand XJ L and the award winning F-Pace.

The Jaguar lineup was present at the event offering us the chance to taste various capabilities of these grand luxury cars portraying the blistering performance aided by the high-end electronics. We started with the XE and ended up with the mighty F-Type. No wonder, the best is always saved for the end.

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Various activities were performed at a private circuit in Delhi and there were couple of obstacle course demonstrations. These included the slalom driving and emergency braking maneuvers where we got to test agility and high performance of the XE, XJ L and F-Pace. The slalom route driving not only tests the driver’s driving skills but it also tests the car’s maneuverability through tight zigzag roads, in this case traffic cones were set up in a tight manner creating several S shaped lanes.

The demonstration was given by professional Jaguar race drivers, but we also got the chance to test our own souls when we were given the steering during the same activity. While slalom driving was not very easy, the instructors and cars itself made the entire thing a cakewalk. Yeah, it might sound a bit exaggerative, but thanks to precision guided steering and all the high-end electronics all Jaguar models come packed with.

While such maneuvers are something we don’t actually need to perform in our day to day driving, but you cannot rule out the necessity of it as you don’t know what waits for you on road. Speaking about the Jaguar cars, the XE is dubbed as a sports sedan and it showed why the British brand loves to call it that way. It shares the front suspension with the award winning F-Pace, clearly a move to make the luxury sedan sportier in terms of performance. The lightweight engine not only reduces the overall weight of the sedan, but it makes sure the car gets a swift and smooth power delivery.

The XJ L executive sedan is the longest car among all the Jaguar offerings in India and this too performed the same activities minus a single flaw. Again the accolades go to the precision guided steering, lightweight engine pumping out smooth power delivery. The F-Pace is meant for some tough tasks and it performed accordingly during both the tasks. During the emergency braking demonstration, we got the chance to test the precision braking ability of the Jaguar models and all of that gives us a sense of high level safety by showing that no model moved inch forward than the designated spot when we pressed the pedal.

The last among the Jaguars was the mighty roaring beast, the F-Type SVR hardtop coupe powered by a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 petrol that is coupled with an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox. The engine is capable of churning out 567bhp of peak power and massive 700Nm torque output. For the Jaguar F-Type, the activity was to perform a short drag of around 100m on that private circuit near Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi.

This spiritual successor of the famous Jaguar E-Type is capable of accelerating to 100kmph from nothing in just 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 322kmph. Enter the cockpit of the Jaguar F-Type and you can sense the adrenaline starts rushing. Once the pedal is pressed of the car, it accelerates so fast, that you just feel yourself being pressed to the seat and everything around you moving past before you can blink your eyes. No wonder, this was the best among the lot.

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