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Opinion: Should Child Locks be omitted from the taxi or commercial cars?

Opinion: Should Child Locks be omitted from the taxi or commercial cars?

Snapshot: Do you know the taxi you travel in can be child locked and may land you in an emergency situation?

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It’s in the news, and everyone’s aware of the worsening crimes against women. And recently some of the videos popped up on the internet showcasing how the child locks in taxis or a commercial vehicle can be dangerous to the lone female passengers. So we decided to pick up a pen and convey our views on it.

What is a child lock feature?

When engaged by the person sitting on the driver seat, this feature restricts anyone sitting on the passenger seat to open the car doors and in such case, the door can only be opened from outside.   

It is a common information how child locks work, and apparently, child locks don't just lock up children sitting in the passenger compartment area but everyone in it. Imagine the feeling of taking a ride in an unknown car in which someone else controls your freedom of getting out or rolling down the window, scary isn’t it?

All the modern day taxis are essentially sedans or hatchbacks which are offered with this feature.  And manufacturers have been installing this facility since the 1980s. But the question here is, is it really necessary to have this in commercial cars or taxis? The answer we find to this is a big no and why? It is because we don’t usually see a lone toddler using a taxi to commute. Even if kids are traveling in a taxi they are always accompanied by someone old enough not to pop out of a moving car deliberately. So why to keep them in cars used for commercial purposes?

Remember the scene from The Bone Collector starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie in which a psychopath abducts his targets in a taxi where the passenger is seen knocking on the window and crying for help. You cannot miss that scene if you have seen that movie. Here is a little clip of the same, the taxi scene comes at 0:39.

How can I make sure I am not traveling in such a taxi?

It is easy and it just takes a second to disable child lock before entering in a car that is not yours. There is always a child lock push button on the door wall of a car and all you need to do is, turn it off before moving inside and shutting the door. Doing this will disengage child lock in the car you are traveling and may prevent you from any misadventure that might take place because of the restriction this feature might have caused.

What change will this bring?

If the authorities can pass a rule that mandates checking and removal of such locks from taxis and vehicles which are made to carry the passengers, we are sure, may be a minor but positive change can be brought. It may not stop each and every future case instantly but on a longer run, it will help prevent a few cases for sure.

Stay tuned as we bring you more stuff like this!

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