Petrol pumps and their fraud ways to cheat the customers

Petrol pumps and their fraud ways to cheat the customers

Snapshot: Take your eyes off the meter for a second and you are fooled.

The dilemma of the modern lifestyle is that we cannot survive without transportation and for an average middle-class family man a good sum is spent on refuelling his tank every month. If you are a sliver spoon rad who drives in his own luxury brand car or a fat wallet business man owning a Ducati, then this article isn’t for you. It’s for those who set their trip meter back to zero every time they refill their tank to calculate the fuel economy of their daily commuters.

If the petrol prices weren’t enough to act as a noose, let us tell you some of the fraudster acts of petrol pumps which we hope will make you more attentive the next time you are out for a refill.

Scenario 1-

Just imagine you went to the station and asked for 500 rupees petrol, the assistant started fuelling and stopped at 200. You say you asked for 500 rupees petrol not 200, he smiled and said oh I heard 200.  He goes back to reset the meter to 0 for the reaming 300 and in the meantime another assistant approaches, asking you ‘ sir cash or card’, ‘sir try this new polish’, ‘sir can you fill the new survey form’ and same stuff like this. As soon as you get your attention back to the meter it’s already near 300 and you didn’t even notice what just happened, why it took no time for the meter to clock 300? Simple because the meter was never reset to 0. This 3-4 seconds gap was enough for them to cheat you and congratulation you just lost 200 rupees.

This is the most common method of petrol pumps to fool you. The next method you are about to read is even quicker and needs more attention to details when fuelling.

Scenario 2-

You are again at the station and asks for 500 rupees petrol. The assistant feeds the meter to 500 and starts fuelling. You are observing as the meter clocks 400 and another assistant approaches you asking the same aforementioned stuff and you look back at the meter and it’s already 500. It took them just a second to press any lever/button to pace the meter reading to 500. And it’s a fact, fraud fuel stations fearlessly does that.

Take your eyes off the meter for a second and you are fooled.

The one and only way to avoid same thing happening to you is not to take your eyes off the meter no matter what. There has been countless reported cases and chances are this morning you might have been fooled as well if you weren't paying attention.

You should be well aware of the fact that petrol pump assistants always work in team. There are less chances that a single guy will be able to fool you and so they are always paired up to implement their fraud techniques smoothly. 

Do let us know your views on the same in the comment section below and don't forget to type in your experience if you have ever faced similar situation.

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