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Prepare your car for Monsoon

Prepare your car for Monsoon

Snapshot: Monsoon is nearing and so is the time to check your vehicle before you take it out for a spin.

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Even a single droplet falling from sky is not enough to give a hunch of monsoon, but when sun gets faint with dark clouds that tells everything about the season! You obviously enjoy cool breezing weather and more fun comes when you lush greenery around with that. But with these enjoy, you also get with some dreaded thoughts, especially to the motorists. Where you can enjoy a lovely moment in coastal regions, you will find metro cities, a war-zone in this season.

No one is unknown from the Indian road conditions, you will find bumps, potholes and some irritating drivers as well, that surely make a general perception that Indian are not built for the leisurely trips. Cars being an indispensable part of our life need to be taken care of and here are some tips that would help you maintain your car every monsoon season.

Pre-monsoon Service-

First and foremost important is to go for a pre-monsoon service check-up, which is the best way to reduce any possibilities of troubleshoot, while you are driving around the city or even out on long road trips. Here, the key focus is to ensure optimal performance of the cars which is imperative during the monsoon season. Many manufacturers organize service camps across the country, where trained and well-qualified service technicians are dedicated to provide the care and expert attention that is needed for the cars.

No worries, as your car is checked as per the guidelines stipulated by manufacturer enabling a detailed examination of all key functions of the car. It basically includes checking of engine oil, coolant along with windshield washer fluid levels, brake pads, disc and brake calipers, electric and electronic system check, and air filter cleaning.


Brakes play a vital role in a car, especially during this season. Use of brakes gets harder while you drive on wet surface. You definitely don’t want to take risks on that one. Especially if your car has drum type  brakes, leads to reduced braking effect when wet. Cars with brake pad should be checked for optimum thickness. Make sure that the brakes are neither too loose nor too hard. Regular cleaning of brake pads and caliper is must, and if require get them replaced. Also check the brake fluid level, top up the level if required. Try to press the brake paddle and if the paddle is going all the way to the last touch point, that means brake fluid is aerated or might be a leak as well, get the necessary things to be done. Make sure to check the rubber padding on the brake paddle, slipping is obvious with worn out pads.

Tyre Condition-

No compromises with the tyres as well. Even if you own a top-spec version of the model that is loaded with a slew of technology, but it is this most important component that makes sure of vehicle’s grip on a slippery surface. Check tyre treads are in good condition, if you don’t want to compromise with traction. These days, most of the tyre manufacturers provide with tread indicators on their products. The indicator is a small rubber bar between the grooves and as soon it starts to wear, get a new set. You can also do coin test, all you have to do is check the depth of the groove by the placing the coin between it and then measure it. In normal road conditions, tread or groove depth of at least 2mm is required or else change the set. Tyre pressure should be taken into notice as well. Proper tread helps avoiding aquaplaning.

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Wiper Condition-

This is something you should never ignore. Check wiper condition it should clean a single drop on a dry windshield clearly, without leaving and water hairline mark. Wiper rubbers, often get hard when the car is parked under the sun for long or tree full of birds (without body cover). Moreover, even the brightest of the headlamp beam won't help to the visibility during a drizzling night. In such condition, replacing the wiper is the best option and they hardly cost a few bucks.

Check Lights-

Before going out for a drive, as you turn on the engine check all the warning lights on the instrument cluster such as headlights, brake lights, etc., that can be quite useful in a stormy situation. Think of that you did not notice a headlamp fault and stranded in a blacked-out region.

Paint Protection-

With monsoon, humid weather is something that comes as a perk, though it is never and with humidity, you get a high risk to the metal to get rust. So the best way to keep the rust to rest is by giving it a makeup time (with I mean is wax coating). Wax coating is a process, in which the car’s exterior is applied with wax and then it is rubbed until you get a glittering shine. Also make sure to use a microfibre during the buffing process in a circular motion, to get the best results.

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