Riding Gear Review - Spidi Carbo 3 Track Glove

Riding Gear Review - Spidi Carbo 3 Track Glove

Snapshot: Spidi positions itself at the top as a lifestyle motorcycle safety gear manufacturer!!!

Italy is always well known for creating some of the worlds most stylish apparel. From leather to textile, Italian garments have been always at the top of the food chain, and the same is true with motorcycle riding gear. Spidi positions itself at the top as a lifestyle motorcycle safety gear manufacturer and their designs speak no less of their ideology. With top Moto GP racers like Colin Edwards, Cal Crutchcrow and Andrea Dovisioso endorsing the Italian brand, Spidi ensures that their riding gear are no short on safety when compared to other Italian manufacturers such as Dainese and Alpinestars. The Carbo 3 glove is Spidi’s high-end track riding glove that falls right below the top-of-line Carbo Track gloves and above the Carbo 1 gloves.

On the upper construction, the gloves consist of a mix of various kinds of full cowhide leather panels. From the back, there is a subtle reflective piping that goes along the top and ample amounts of tempered foam around the high-aberration areas such as the wrists, palm, back of palm and fingers.At the centre, the large carbon knuckle has a distinctly sharp finish around the edges, making it less prone to friction while grazing the tarmac. There are small buttons of carbon resting over the fingers too. The first two fingers that operate the brake and clutch are provided with elasticated panels along with the thumb to give great amounts of flex. Combined with a two-panel construction at the back of the hand provide great ergonomics. These attentions to detail make the Carbo 3 feel almost at home right out of the box. Where leather gloves from other manufacturers feel rigid and need time to take the shape of your hand, the Carbo 3 are amazingly lightweight and comfortable too operate under any kind of situation.  

Towards the palm, the quality of stitching and materials is maintained as we move from front to back. Most of the seams are tucked internally, giving the glove a seamless appearance. There is a nice pre-curve that makes it easy to wear the glove while a large ultrasuede panel provides amazing grip to hold to the handlebars. The entire of the palm and the sides are covered in multiple layers of cowhide, ultrasuede and the high-aberration areas are given extra tempered foam protection along with keramide patches. For adjustment, there is a single wrist adjuster with an anodized buckle.

Overall, the SpidiCarbo 3 looks and feels like a premium glove from the Italian manufacturer. Inline with gloves from other Italian manufacturers, the Carbo 3 are priced at Rs 15,000/-. With the features and the levels of protection, these gloves are ideal for riding under high speed conditions of the race track. Although, with changing tarmac and gravel, stones and various kind of flora and fauna that could cause serious damage on impact, the Carbo 3 gloves can be very handy on that fast weekend ride too.  


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