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Road Trip - What to carry for your baby?

Road Trip - What to carry for your baby?

Snapshot: While a road trip can be a pleasure experience, travelling with infants can lead to some troublesome time.

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Who doesn't want to go on a long drive with family or friends to enjoy the little moments of life and take a break from the busy schedule of earning money. But as it happens, travelling is not always a fun activity, especially when you are travelling with small kids, or infants or babies. A small kid needs special kind of attention from food to clothing to the attention.

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We compiled a list of few tips and tricks to make your journey a pleasurable one even with infants and small babies on board!


When it comes to safety, there shouldn't be any compromise at all! Most of the cars today come with ISOFIX, a safety bracket to fix safety seats for kids. These ISOFIX brackets are in the back seats as they are safer than the front seats. If by any chance your car doesn't have safety seats, avoid sitting the kids on the front seats and buckle them properly at the rear seats too.

Blankets, clothes and diapers 

If you are going for a long drive, try carrying spare clothes, blankets and diapers. Check them time to time for moisture and change them if required. Diapers play an important role, be it in the home or in the car. There's no harm having an extra pair of them in your car.

Clean vehicle 

Kids and babies have a relatively low immune system and they tend to become sick more often as compared to the adults, reason being the pollution and dust. Always keep your car as clean as possible and throw any unnecessary products from the cars, including any ageing liquid or water bottle. Kids put their hands in mouth randomly and it can make them ill.

Environmental control 

It's advisable not to drive with windows rolled down as all the dust can come inside the car. Use sunshades in the windows to stop extra sunshine coming inside the car. If you wish to listen to the music, try not to raise the volume over a limit and always stop the car in quiet places for feeding/bonding - like some park.

Food and water 

You are the best judge of your kids eating and drinking habits. Try to carry the food and snacks of his/her liking on the road trip with an ample supply of water. If the breastfeeding mother is not with you on the trip, carry some milk to feed the infant. Don't keep fried or oily food for the trip and don't over feed the child as it can make them uneasy while travelling.

First Aid 

If your kid is on some kind of medication, do not forget to keep those medicines. Also, as a precaution, keep some anti-allergy pills, some common cold medicines and most importantly, some medication for upset stomach. Also a band-aid and thermometer will help your child in case of any emergency.

Toys and games 

To keep your kid occupied during a long drive, and to keep them distracted from the tiredness of long driving, give your kid something to play with. An educational game or a sketch book is helpful for a kid above 3 years. If the kid is a toddler, keep some soft toys in the car.

Taking care 

If you are travelling alone with a baby in your car, stop every hour or two to play with your kid and talk to him/her. Get out of the car occasionally to give your kid a touch of fresh air and also change their environment for a while. This will make them active and happy and also they won't get tired even during a long journey. If you are travelling with a partner, ask them to sit in the rear seat and try to make the baby sleep.

General tips 

A kid is more fragile than an adult and it is extremely essential to know their mindset and how they think and behave. For you a car drive can be a fun, but for a kid, it can be a not so pleasure experience considering all the honking noise, bad road conditions and fuel smell. Bring your mindset to that of a kid and you can make them happy!

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