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Summer Tips: Things you should never leave in Car

Summer Tips: Things you should never leave in Car

Snapshot: We think all our stuff in a car when parked under the sun is safe, but is it? Let's find out which ones are listed down that you should keep in your car during summers.

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In the summer, heat is the only thing that you want to get rid of. The first thing that most drivers do while slipping inside their parked car is to look for the air-conditioning controls. But if your car is parked a whole day in the sun, then the odds are that the quick heat built up in the car has damaged daily usable products. Some are extremely obvious. But, most drivers are aware that leaving kids or pets in a car can end-up in a misfortune — even cracking open a window won’t be enough, but, below we have listed many other things we keep in the vehicle that could damage by heat.

Ever thought how rapidly the car’s cabin gets hot? Well! It doesn't need to be an especially hot condition for a cars inside to fall into green house effect. The sun’s energy enters the vehicle and start heating the interior and other objects inside the car like the dashboard and seats. In turn, these articles start to radiate heat that cannot escape outside through any sort of escape route. 

Even if the outside temperatures is somewhere around 16°C, the car interior can get warm to 38°C (100°F). Weather experts say that when the temperature outside is 30°C, the temperature of the cabin can rise up to 60°C. Moreover, studies were carried out by Stanford College Institute of Medication that demonstrated 80% of the average temperature rise happened within 30 minutes of the car being parked.

Children and Pets

It sounds weird, but in the recent times there have been many such cases where drivers leave their kids or pets in the car, in case of a rush to a supermart for grocery shopping or may be for some other reason. But, it’s clearly not acceptable to leave any living being in the car. This should be noticed that the temperature outside would not be the same as in a parked car – say if the temperature outside is 40°C, then the temperature inside can rise up to over 60°C.

Usually, you forget kids in the car, while they are asleep at the back seat and someone did not realize that they are there.  How about not forgetting your kids in the car! This can be done by keeping a visual reminder that would can help in such cases, such as keeping a teddy bear in the child seat when not in use and moving it to the front seat when you strap in a child.

And It’s still very dangerous for dogs, even if the windows are left open or the car is parked in the shade. If you see an animal in a hot car and displaying signs of heat stroke, you can make a call to the animal welfare. Don’t try to break into the car unless you believe that the car owner would consent to the damage if they knew the circumstances, otherwise it could be classed as criminal damage. There are many government organizations such as Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), National Institute of Animal Welfare (NIAW), Blue Cross of India (BCI) are some government organizations that are not just advisory bodies to the Government of India, on animal welfare laws, but also has been providing training and education on various subjects related to animal welfare, including animal management, behaviour and ethics.

Electronic Devices

It is always advised to keep your phones in shades and in a cool environment. You must have had noticed when charging a smartphone the temperature of the device rises and when the device is kept under sunlight, even for a short period of time, the battery and processing chips chips generate enough heat to overheat the device at normal temperature. So try avoiding the exposure of of any such device over 40°C, be it a smartphone, portable charger, tablet, MP3 player, etc..

Grocery and Meals

If you are out for grocery shopping and then heading for a real deal, then its better keep yourself off the frozen food, fresh meat, fruit and veggies, as they may require a cooling environment to keep fresh and get home safe, unwilted, and obviously safe from becoming a bacteria breeding ground like the raw meats. As far as cooked food is concerned, it no longer safe to eat after a time span of two hours at room temperature. That’s why it is suggested to dispose leftovers immediately to avoid fou odours and possible illness.

Bottled Water or Beverage Cans

It is but obvious to keep water bottles in the car in such a heated summer, but there are many health related issues may arise over the use of plastic bottles that contains Bisphenol A and phthalates. These are the chemicals used as a binding agent, making plastics flexible. When these plastic water bottles are left in hot car make these agents to be released into the drinking water.

Ever opened a can in the car while driving, just for it to be spilled and sprayed all over the place? Well, this the least of the problem that that can happen. It has been widely documented for the fizzy drinks to explode in hot weather, covering a large area of car interior for dry cleaning. 


Medication such as antibiotics are always notified to be stored in a fridge. Whereas, other  everyday medicine should not be exposed to temperatures over 25°C, as inscribed on the packing. In simple words, one should follow storage instructions.

Sunscreen or Sunblock lotion

How ironic it is that the very thing we need to protect us from the harmful effects of the sun rays can also get deteriorated when exposed to high temperature inside the car. The active ingredients contained within the sunscreen lotion can break down due to the rise in temperatures inside the car. In some cases, sun cream bottles can explode, leave a nasty mess that will be devilishly difficult to remove from upholstery.


Though, the best place if you don’t want to lose a nice pair of sunglasses is always a car. But just for safekeeping, leaving them in the car could be a mistake, as the plastic frames of the likes of wayfarers can discolour and could distort as well.

Disposable lighters

Another exploding container that you might be carrying is a disposable lighter and are known to crack windscreens after going off in a heated car.

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