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Superheroes and their cars - Rendering

Superheroes and their cars - Rendering

Snapshot: Visit the world of fantasy where we show you what car will best suit your favorite superhero?

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The world of fantasy is dominated by superheroes from DC and Marvel Comics, and no matter how old we grow up, we can't stop loving and watching them. While a couple of rich superheroes like Batman and Iron Man own outlandish set of wheels, other rely on their powers to commute. But what if these superheroes had to start from scratch and chose an apt car for themselves?

Our friends at Carwow used their imagination and photoshop skills to tell us what an ideal superhero car would be! 

Batman – BMW M2

Let' start with our favorite superhero, the Batman. The rich and human superhero is known to drive his insane Batmobile through the city of Gotham. And so we are a bit disappointed with the BMW M2 given to the caped crusader. Although, the BMW M2 customized for Batman comes with the bat-shaped kidney grilles, ear-like fins, M1-inspired alloy wheels, bat ninja stars in the front bumper and a side-mounted grappling hook for tight turns, it still leaves you desiring for more. Batman deserves bigger and better, and the BMW M2 is certainly not the one!

Superman – Bugatti Chiron

He is not human, he is an alien and he is probably the most known and widely recognized superheroes of all time. Yet he couldn't beat Batman (you know what we mean)! Pun aside, Superman doesn't really need a car for himself, for he flies faster than the speed of light. Still, for days when he plans to go on a date with Louis Lane, or feel like a human, Bugatti Chiron is the car for him. The upcoming hypercar will be the fastest production car and for Superman, only a blue, red and yellow color scheme would do. And then you get a customized man of steel’s iconic 'S' badge replacing the Bugatti’s horseshoe-shaped design at the front.  

Wonder Woman – Lamborghini Huracán

The creature from the Amazonian is the female counterpart of Superman, and hence Wonder Woman. Glorified much in the print format, Wonder Woman made its big screen debut with the Batman vs Superman - Dawn of Justice movie, and hell, she is gorgeous and powerful. To match her look and ferocity, Lamborghini Huracan has been shortlisted. The 602 horsepower looks good and runs and performs equally well. The Italian supercar comes with the Wonder Woman’s traditional red and blue colors, and swanky looking gold alloy wheels.

Captain America – Ford Mustang GT350R

He is a proud American not just because he is named after his homeland, but because he exudes the principals and embodiment of the US's rich history. So, Captain America will need nothing short of a classic and the all-American Ford Mustang to drive him. The top-of-the-line version, GT350R comes with 526hp output produced by a V8 motor. But the talking point of the car is the Vibranium steel alloy doors that's also the material forming the Captain America’s near-indestructible shield. The respectable superhero's Mustang will also feature a 'Watch your language' slogan below the gaping front grille to remind ethics and behavior.  

Iron Man – Chevrolet Corvette Z06

More than Iron Man himself, it was Tony Stark, who made people fall in love for the iron suit clad technologically sound superhero. The dynamic and witty billionaire loves to show-off and drives an Audi R8 supercar, this being his favorite. But contrary to his commitment of clean energy and carbon neutral, Audi R8 don't support the arc reactor. In comes the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, a car as flamboyant as the Iron Man himself that runs on the energy derived from the arc reactor. Draped in the trademark crimson and gold paint, the Corvette will surely make his garage a better place than it already is.

SpiderMan – Ferrari 488 Spider

Spider Man driving a Ferrari 488 Spider, how cool does it sound? While Spidey hardly set his foot on the ground and loves to swing between the high-rises of New York, on-ground, no car could suit his personality better than the Ferrari 488 Spider. Painted in red and blue shade as worn by Spiderman himself, the 488 features a unique set of web shaped wheels, giving it an extra appeal and spider statement. And the open roof means he can jump out of the car anytime to fight the evil. 

Wolverine – Audi R8

While the X-Men series features innumerous mutants, it's the Wolverine who actually steals the show each time we watch the movie or read the comics. The metallic on-call clawed superhero can heal himself of any wound and is virtually indestructible. Since he can't fly or jump or use any other resource, a car for him is more of a necessity than luxury. And hence an Audi R8 with an impressive pair of sideburns behind the doors is the best car for him. To add to the Wolverine characteristics, the R8 features sharpened winglets to improve downforce and, of course scare the enemies.

The Hulk – Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6

As they say the last is reserved for the best and so, this spot belongs to the Hulk himself. And as you are aware, physical enormity acts as a hindrance for the Hulk, if he decides to travel by road. Around eight-feet tall and with enormous width, only few cars can accommodate him, apart from the Mercedes G63 6×6. The big green machine borrows its color from our angry green friend and can jump onto the flatbed at the rear to control the car from behind. And if he calms down and decides to be Bruce Banner, G63 will welcome him too with its luxurious cabin. Don't forget to notice the 'Always Angry' note on the G63.  

Source - CarWow

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