The Mythical Honda V4 racer - is the RC213V-S is going Official on June 11th?

The Mythical Honda V4 racer - is the RC213V-S is going Official on June 11th?

Snapshot: Is this the date of arrival of the Bike that can change everything in the motorcycling world??

There are big big rumours coming in from the French Automobile publications that Honda has scheduled a media event on June 11th and it is for none other than but for one of the most dearly awaited superbike entries of all times, a bike that has been under works and rumours mills for more than a decade now. The bike did arrive at the EICMA 2014 finally but it was far from a production ready version, to be true it looked far from being in the vicinity of final prototype models even. However, there is no denying the fact that the Honda RC213V-S, (Yes, it is named THAT!!!) looked like a straight rip of of the Honda's EPIC prototype Racer, the RC213V for the MotoGP Championship and there were tongues and jaws falling all over.

The RC213V-S is a motorcycle which has the potential of throwing out of the window, every present definition of how a superbike should be, rather how any Hyperbike should be. Considered to be the street version of the race going madness from Honda, this bike might just re-write the history of production motorcycles and change the course of this segment forever.

With so much enthusiasm and discussion around the yet, still mostly mythical and mysterious Honda V4 street production bike, the RC213V-S we certainly hope that the June 11th date that is being floating around is true and we get definitive answers about the Honda Hyperbike finally.

If you remember we talked about a rumour that has said that the RC213V-S might cost as much as an eye wateringly staggering 20 Million Yen! Yup THAT much! and if converted into Dollars then it roughly comes around to be a mind numbingly mad $1,70,000 and if you go any further and if your heart can take it, then it means that this bike might cost more than 1 crores excluding duties, Yeah, ONLY!

The technical specifications are also not available, Honda being tight lipped for the same is the reason behind it and it is still unclear that how much of the detuning this bike will go through, knowing the race bike produces well over 260 bhp.

Stay with us as we bring you updates about this!!



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on 2015-05-27 06:04:16

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